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Major manhunt underway after woman abducted from Robina

Update @ 8.00PM: Police have confirmed a woman was abducted from Robina, sparking the major manhunt on the Gold Coast.

A 26-year-old was walking to her car at Robina around 5pm when an unknown man also got into the car.

Seven News is reporting the incident happened at Robina Town Centre.

Police say the man demanded the woman drive the car before she headed north on the M1.

The woman was located a short time later near Exit 66.

She was not physically injured.

The search for the man is continuing.

Earlier @ 7.30PM: A major manhunt is underway on the Gold Coast after an incident in Gaven.

Police issued an alert just before 6pm following the incident involving a woman on the M1.

Officers have asked for urgent assistance to locate a man who was last seen on the motorway near Exit 66.

The man is described as 40-50 years old, with short grey hair and stubble.

He was wearing blue denim shorts and a dark grey t-shirt.

Police are urging people not to approach the man if he is seen and to call Triple Zero immediately.

Police say the woman involved in the incident is now safe.

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Copper wire found hung across Gold Coast bike tracks

Concern is growing in the motorcross community on the Gold Coast, after copper wire was found strung up across a popular bike track.

A group of riders found two spots in Coomera yesterday, where wire had been tied to trees – crossing the tracks – posing an enormous danger to people using the track.

A member of a Facebook group dedicated to sharing dangerous locations, posted photos of the wires on the Coomera 4×4 tracks yesterday, saying they were installed at ‘head height’.

The discovery has shocked the riding community, who now face risking their life to ride on public tracks.

The Facebook group ‘Motorcross wire locations and info’ was set up early last month, and has already seen another close call as well.

“Almost had my last ride this afternoon thanks to whoever put this up along the road ! 😡 Anyone thinking about going for a ride in Amamoor anytime soon, watch out !!!” said a post last month, after wire was found across a track in Amamoor.

After not even one month, there are already over 600 members in the group, who are all outraged by the discovery of potentially fatal wires.

Police are urging riders to report instances of hung up wire.

The administrator of the Facebook group, Jack Roberts, says it’s important they share the message with as many riders as possible.

“I set up the page on the 10th of February this year to raise awareness of people hanging up these wires and to hopefully catch them.

“I’m sick of seeing people almost losing their lives just because they enjoy riding on bush trails.

“This group simply helps people be more aware of the areas to watch out for,” Mr Roberts said.

PHOTO | Sourced from ‘Motorcross wire locations and info’ Facebook page.

PHOTO | Sourced from ‘Motorcross wire locations and info’ Facebook page.


Nick Kyrgios Tennis

Kyrgios hits back at Nadal’s harsh words: “I’m not going to listen at all”

AUSTRALIAN TENNIS star Nick Kyrgios has returned serve to world No.2 Rafael Nadal, after the pair’s on-court battle moved off-court.

In a post-match press conference Nadal accused Kyrgios of lacking “respect for the public, the opponent and himself”.

The comments came after the Aussie beat the Spaniard in a tight three-set match at the Mexican Open in Acapulco on Wednesday.

The harsh words followed what appeared to be praise for Kyrgios.

“He is a player who has a huge talent could be winning Grand Slams,” Nadal started out, before slamming the hot-headed Aussie.

Kyrgios has now fought back, accusing the 17-time Grand Slam winner of not knowing anything about him.

“He doesn’t know the journey I’ve been through,” Kyrgios said.

“He doesn’t know anything about me so I’m not going to listen at all.”

“I’ve got my game; he’s got his own game. We played well – that’s the sport. People are different – I’m not going to take that into consideration at all.”

Kyrgios will now play three-time Grand Slam champion Stan Wawrinka for a place in the semi-finals of the Mexican Open.

Gold Coast Airport

Controversial landing system to go live at Gold Coast Airport

The Instrument Landing System (ILS) is due to be switched on at Gold Coast Airport today.

The system is expected to reduce the number of diversions into the airport during bad weather conditions.

Gold Coast Airport considers the project a significant milestone, after more than a decade of preparation and work.

The ILS is a highly accurate radio signal navigation aid with two antennas transmitting signals to incoming aircraft.

It aims to guide the pilot with vertical and horizontal directions when landing in low visibility.

This means that more aircraft will be able to land safely during rough weather, rather than staying in the air or turning back to other airports.

The ILS does force an alternate flight path that extends north in a straight line to Surfers Paradise, rather than other flight paths that come in over the water.

This has caused concerns from the Gold Coast public, that when the new flight path is used, there could be significant noise problems.

However, the alternate path is only supposed to be used during inclement weather.

The Airservices fact sheet about the system has allowed for international aircraft to use the flight path on occasion as well, though suggest this will be as minimised as possible.

Airservices also says it will implement Noise Abatement Procedures (NAPs) to ensure that alternate flight paths minimise ILS usage as much as possible.

Gold Coast Airport is due to switch on the ILS signals later this morning.

The Gold Coast is getting its very own wave pool in 2020!

KEEN Gold Coast surfers will soon be able to hit the waves any day of the year, with a wave pool coming to the Coast in 2020.

Surf Lakes has confirmed the first commercial ‘5 Waves’ facilities in Australia will start being built this year.

Surf Lakes Chief Executive Officer, Mal Borgeaud, said given their home is in Robina, the company is committed to providing a facility within the Gold Coast region.

It has been scouring for suitable land and has found an appropriate site in a central location that is easily accessible for residents and tourists.

“As a company we are tremendously excited to be announcing our commitment to building a facility on the Gold Coast. We have been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement we have received from both Council and the Queensland Government,” said Borgeaud.

“It makes sense, with the Gold Coast being our home town, that we construct a commercial facility here. We know the facility will bring tremendous benefits to the community, not just by providing waves and surf-oriented fun… it will be a boost for employment, tourism and the local economy,” he continued.

“Our aim is to make this site a genuine show piece not only for our technology but for the Gold Coast as well.”

Construction is expected to begin in late 2019 or early 2020 with a view to opening in the second half of 2020.