Gold Coast Titans Community

Locals encouraged to get behind Titans Community Kick-In

Gold Coasters are being encouraged to get behind the Titans Community Foundation’s latest initiative.

Joining forces with 1029 Hot Tomato, the local rugby league side have launched the Titans Community Kick-In as a way to give back to the Gold Coast community.

Titans Executive Chairman Dennis Watt said the Titans Community Kick-In is an opportunity for the people of the Gold Coast to make a difference to the lives of others.

“All money raised will go directly to our programs that are run in local schools, at junior clubs, local charities and a number of other local community organisations,” Watt said.

“Our core business is rugby league, but we understand the bigger picture and the positive influence we can have on the community.

“The victories achieved in our community and through our charity programs are celebrated and just as significant as our wins on the field.

“Whether you donate $1 or $1000, we need your to help us make a difference.”

The Titans Community Kick-in will run for the next seven weeks, highlighting a number of key initiatives the Titans Community Foundation support program.

Donations from as little as $5 can be made via SMS, and take less than two minutes to complete. Just text the word “TITANS” to 0437 371 371 and follow the prompts. Locals can also donate online at

1029 Hot Tomato’s Flan, Emily Jade & Christo alongside Mal Meninga and Ethan Sloane | PHOTO: 1029 Hot Tomato

To find out more about the Titans Community Kick-In, listen to Ethan Sloane and Mal Meninga’s interview with Flan, Emily Jade and Christo on 1029 Hot Tomato this morning:

For more information on the Titans Community Kick-In, visit:

Queenslanders warned to check heaters before winter

Queenslanders are putting their homes at risk this winter, by not properly checking their heaters.

New RACQ research has revealed more than 50 percent of Queensland homes are at risk of fire, because heaters have been lying dormant for months before coming out for winter.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross says it’s important to check the heaters before they’re used again.

“Nearly half admitted to only looking closely if they could see something was obviously wrong.

“An alarming 13 percent said they never checked from one year to the next.

“You don’t know if your appliance has suffered damage while it’s been in storage.

“Dust build-up can lead to uneven heating while damaged cords create an electrical risk which could cause a fire.

“If you’re unsure if it’s safe, have a qualified electrician check it out,” Ms Ross said.

Ms Ross said 98 percent of people surveyed had smoke alarms installed, but 25 per cent hadn’t tested them in more than a year.

“While it’s great news the majority of Queensland homes have smoke alarms in their homes, they need to be checked regularly.

“We don’t ever want to hear of home fire fatalities which could have been prevented with something as simple as a working smoke alarm,” Ms Ross said.

Traffic Speed

Queenslanders urged to prioritise road safety for Fatality Free Friday

Paramedics are urging all Queenslanders to take extra care on the roads today, for Fatality Free Friday.

It comes after a horror week on the roads, with 11 deaths since Monday.

Six children are among those who have lost their lives this week.

A one-year-old boy was the latest victim, who was tragically killed after getting hit by a car in Chinchilla yesterday.

The 71-year-old driver was taken to hospital, suffering from emotional distress.

Queensland Ambulance Service spokesperson Mark Nugent says it’s been an unimaginable week.

“This week has absolutely been, sadly, one of the most confronting and tragic weeks on our roads.

“We’ve unfortunately lost the lives of a number of Queenslanders from all age groups,” Mr Nugent said.

State Transport Minister Mark Bailey told myGC safety has to be the first priority for everyone when they drive.

“Speed is still a huge killer on our roads and not wearing seat belts, looking at the mobile phone when something happens.

“We’ve got to learn to do it better,” Minister Bailey said.

Calls for rethink on key M1 interchange upgrade after flood of complaints

The State Government is being urged to reconsider its plans to upgrade Exit 57 at Oxenford, with fears the overhaul will actually make things worse.

The design for the $25 million dollar upgrade was first released in March, but it’s lead to hundreds of complaints.

The upgrade would see extra turning lanes added to the exit and entry ramps to the M1.

But the right hand turn lanes from Heathwood Drive and the Old Pacific Highway would be removed.

Theodore MP Mark Boothman says that would just increase congestion in the area and hurt businesses.

“What the Department is proposing is just going to move the problem onto the local road network, the local road network is at capacity and can’t handle it already,” Mr Boothman said.

“These right hand turn lanes are critical to local businesses, especially along the Old Pacific Highway.

“Speaking to the local mechanic and he said ‘the problem is if you’re going to have people seeing congestion out the front of their offices, they’re going to avoid the area.'”

Exit 57 design. Source: Supplied/Queensland Government

Transport and Roads Minister Mark Bailey says a consultation process is currently underway and all ideas will be taken on board.

“We always judge public feedback on their merits, it’s very hard to please 100 per cent of the people with any design on any project but we do take into account good ideas,” Mr Bailey said.

It comes as the Opposition accuses the State Government of not being fair dinkum about building a second M1.

A proposed corridor for the Coomera Connector has been unveiled, but one Labor MP insists it’s only a proposal.

Bonney MP Sam O’Connor says there needs to be some serious funding set aside in next month’s budget for a second M1.

“We’ve got the corridor mapped out, it’s been mapped out for over four years by the Government but they haven’t put any money on the table,” Mr O’Connor said.

“It hasn’t been built, it hasn’t even been planned and that’s something our residents are calling out for.”

gold coast tram

Qld government ramps up light rail demands as federal cabinet is sworn in

The Queensland State Government is penning a letter to Scott Morrison’s new cabinet this morning, demanding a fair share of funding for the Gold Coast’s light rail.

Stage 3A has been a funding tug-o-war, with both Council and the State determined to get more out of the feds.

Before the election, both the LNP and Labor had pledged $112 million for the extension down to Burleigh, and once elected the LNP said it still wouldn’t budge.

State Transport Minister Mark Bailey told myGC it’s just not enough, and will post the letter today.

“The new federal cabinet is only being sworn in this morning, after a week and a half of deliberation.

“So we will be writing to them today, about the need for a fair funding deal for Light Rail stage 3A on the Gold Coast.

“The Gold Coast needs its fair share of infrastructure funding from Canberra,” Minister Bailey said.

The State Government won’t be demanding anymore than the fair share (roughly another $157 million), which they believe the feds have been dodging throughout the various light rail installations.

“Along the lines of the arrangement for stage one, where we saw a 38 percent funding arrangement, which spread the load across all three levels of government.

“At the moment, they’re expecting the Palaszczuk Government to do all the heavy lifting, just as we did for the M1.

“And it’s just not fair,” Minister Bailey said.

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