Christmas gift dissapointed

You get what you get – and you don’t get upset

This is a saying I dish out to my kids on the daily.

“You get what you get, and you don’t get upset.”

In other words: be gracious and appreciative for what you have or what you get, rather than whinging and whining about not getting exactly what you wanted.

Christmas time seems like a good opportunity to drive this point home – to remind everyone, especially the kiddos, to have and to share gratitude.

It’s a lesson I lived myself just recently. You see on Friday, it was my daughter’s school’s Christmas Fair. There is a concert where all the kids perform, followed by a fun fair on the oval. I volunteered to man the raffle stand, which was stocked with beautiful hampers created from student donations.

There I stood, escaping the scorching heat under our raffle booth, surrounded by incredible hampers filled with pool inflatables, Christmas treats, baking goods and toys.

As parents perused the various baskets they asked good-naturedly, “If I win, do I get choose which hamper I get?”

To which I trotted out my famous line: “No, if we draw your name, you get the corresponding hamper – so you get what you get and you don’t get upset.”

Then I’d spread my arms, motioning to the impressive spread: the Pool Party Hamper, the Christmas box, the BBQ park, the Love My Pet pack and more. “But all of the hampers are pretty incredible, so you won’t be disappointed!”

“I’d be thrilled to win any of these,” I said to one mum. “Well, except the pet hamper, because we don’t have a dog. But they’re all fabulous!”

Well, can you guess what happened next?

I won a hamper!

And I wasn’t gracious about it.

I wasn’t grateful or appreciative.

In fact, I whined.

Because the hamper I won was the Love My Pet pack!

“What am I going to do with all of this?” I muttered as I carried the giant hamper filled with dog bowls, puppy toys and tinned food to my car.

Fully aware that little eyes and ears were watching my reaction, I had to make a choice – silence my inner brat and show some appreciation for the effort that went into this beautiful prize, or continue being ungrateful and setting a bad example for my kids.

I quickly replaced my frown with a smile.

“Well, I guess we need to find someone who has a dog, because they’re about to get a nice surprise!” I said to my kids.

My neighbours, who are about to welcome a new puppy into their lives, were dead-set thrilled.

And I got a little taste-test of my own medicine.

I think there’s a lesson in that for everyone, don’t you?

Keyboard Computer Phone

It’s time we had a serious chat about email

Many years ago in a business meeting, my boss at the time said, “We always want to under-promise and over-deliver – never the other way around.”

Talk about hashtag #nailedit! This little nugget of wisdom has become a rule I live by, both at work and at home. I love it.

But a recent email I received made me think that perhaps it’s time for us all to have a bit of an acknowledgement – to reach a mea culpa, if you will – over just how bad things have become with email.

Because we are doing it so wrong, you guys.

Email was meant to make our lives easier. But in between the endless spam, the tedious email chains you don’t really need to be involved in, and the constant misinterpretation of tone, it’s turned into a bitter minefield that makes your morning work routine more exhausting than ever.

My solution? Firstly: we need to story apologising. “Sorry for the delayed response!” “Excuse my tardy reply!” We ping pong back and forth, filling endless internet voids with meaningless apologies for things we don’t genuinely need to be sorry about.

We are all busy. We are all doing our best. Let’s just issue a collective, slightly sheepish “sorry, I deemed your email less important than the million other emails clogging my inbox”, and do away with the ongoing apologies, yeah?

Secondly: we need to chill out.

The email I was talking about earlier? It was an out of office message that read: “I am in meetings this afternoon. Please call my mobile if you need to reach me urgently, otherwise I will reply to your email as soon as possible.”

When did we start issuing OOO notices for attending a meeting?! Is this really how we want to live – endlessly tied to our devices, unable to even step away from your inbox for a couple of hours without issuing a notice?

A couple years back, I sent an email to a contact in Canada. His response has always stayed with me, as it represents the ideal path we should be taking towards managing our inboxes.

“Hi! Thanks for your email. I check my inbox on Tuesdays and Thursday between 10am and 2pm. If you need to reach me outside of these times and dates, please call me on XYZ. Have a great day!”


New Kurrawa Surf Club to open at Broadbeach today!

After 13 months of construction, the brand new Kurrawa Surf Club is swinging open its doors at Broadbeach today!

The new world-class facility features a modern design with improved Surf Lifesaving training rooms and amenities, an expansive dining area and bar with 230-degree views of Kurrawa Beach and an all club multipurpose area.

Building Committee Chairman, Stewart Palmer, said it was a milestone project the whole community could be proud of.

“The Broadbeach precinct is a key destination for residents and visitors to the Gold Coast and Kurrawa Surf Club will continue to play a key role in providing a quality hospitality venue for its guests as well as continuing our long and rewarding history as a successful Surf Life Saving Club in a state-of-the-art facility” he said.

For the first time in the club’s 60 year history, the new facility allows for both the Surf Club and Supporters Club operations and administration to be housed in the same building, along with increased on-site storage capacity for surf lifesaving equipment and vehicles, ease of access to the beach, and training and recreation rooms for Nippers and Senior Life Savers.

Surf Club President Michael McSweeney said it was a dream come true to have the space and access now available with the new Club.

“We’re thrilled that Surf Lifesaving continues to be valued by residents with an increase in sign ups each year for the last few years. The new Club enables us to continue to serve the community and welcome new members each year.”

Both locals and visitors can make the most of the expansive open plan dining area with seating for over 400 people, including bar seating, with the bistro open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner as well as a buffet breakfast on weekends.

A new ground level café, Tower 28, will also provide beachgoers with a convenient option to stop for a takeaway coffee or a bite to eat in the spacious undercover forecourt area adjacent to the Oceanway.

The previous club building is due to be demolished to make way for green space and parklands, which will be known as Kurrawa Common.

The Star Gold Coast Cherry

Take a look inside the all new Cherry bar at The Star

The finishing touches are being made to The Star Gold Coast’s brand new bar Cherry, which is set to open to the public this Saturday November 25.

Residing in the area formerly occupied by J bar, the sleek-looking Cherry is a sophisticated destination to enjoy designer drinks and expertly mixed cocktails in the heart of the action of the gaming floor.

Cherry is the epitome of sophistication and luxe, with the lavish space a fusion of velvets, gold tones, extravagant feature lighting topped off with a huge 22-metre bar.

There are four intimate VIP booths, each encased by exquisitely detailed gold screens, which can be booked out for special occasions or key celebratory moments.

VIP Booth Cherry The Star Gold Coast

VIP Booth, Cherry | PHOTO: Supplied by The Star Gold Coast

As for the menu, Cherry’s team of mixologists will offer signature seasonal cocktails as well as all of your favourites such as the Cosmopolitan, Espresso Martini and Caipirinha.

And if you are keen for a dance, Cherry will play home to a seasonal DJ series during peak periods and offer live entertainment on both Friday and Saturday nights.

Cherry mixologist The Star Gold Coast

A Cherry mixologist crafts an Espresso Martini | PHOTO: Supplied by The Star Gold Coast

The sleek-looking bar will be joined by The Star’s ninth venue, Food Quarter, in late December. Food Quarter will serve as a more casual dining space for guests.

The Star Entertainment Group Managing Director Queensland Geoff Hogg said Cherry will be joined by The Star’s ninth food and beverage offering, Food Quarter, in late December.

“We are experiencing the most monumental transformation our property has seen and during this process we remain focused on creating unforgettable experiences for our guests both locally and internationally,” Mr Hogg said.

“While newly-transformed Cherry will reflect the atmosphere and energy of its central location, cafeteria-style eatery Food Quarter will focus on fresh, fast and efficient service when it opens later this year. Both are vital in assisting us to meet growing demand and are sure to be popular over the busy Christmas period.”

Cherry will operate seven days a week, from 5pm until late. For more information, visit:

Vegan food

Why are vegans so smug?

Clean eating has long been one of those things all the Cool Kids are doing.

Every instagrammer or influencer worth their likes is happy to hawk their latest green smoothie or showcase their quinoa bowl, proving to the world just how smug, I mean strong they are for embracing a healthier diet.

And that’s great – good for them for reaching for optimal health.

But do vegans always have to be so smug about it?

Actually, the Badge of Smugness isn’t just limited to vegans – it’s worn by anyone who is on any kind of restrictive diet (I’m looking at you, sugar-free and Paleo).

They can’t just eat healthily. They also have to talk about how healthy they are… and imply that they’re somehow superior to you in the process.

Take U.S. basketballer Kyrie Irving, for instance.

It turns out that even big, hulking, professional athletes are turning to a meat-free diet these days, including Kyrie, who clocks in at an impressive 6’3”.

Kyrie and many of his fellow ballers have adopted a vegan diet, and according to this article is translating positively in terms of his stamina and strength on the court.

“[I’ve] been on more of a plant-based diet, getting away from the animals and all that. I had to get away from that. So my energy is up; my body feels amazing,” he says.

It’s his next comment that irks me, though.

The reporter asks him if he thinks he’ll ever eat steak again, and Kyrie replies: “Steak? Nah, I don’t eat that. It doesn’t come from anything natural, so why would I eat it?”

Why? Oh, I don’t know… because it’s full of healthy minerals and vitamins? Because it provides protein, which helps build bones and muscles? Because it’s a source of zinc, which boosts your immune system? Or simply because it’s freaking delicious?!

Ironically, he made this comment just as he was about to chow down on a vego taco.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m sure that the taco (which was probably chock full of veggies) would have been encased in a taco shell. Taco shells aren’t made from anything natural, are they?

It’s not the philosophy behind the Religion of Healthy Eating that I can’t get behind (I am, after all, married to a vegetarian), it’s the sanctimonious way in which they preach.

It reminds me of that joke… How do you know if someone is vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll f*cking tell you!