I was trying to break the metal apart!

Forget nuclear war and global warming, it’s time to get serious and tackle what could be the defining question of our generation.

Why (or lord why!) are we still having to sit and listen to stewardesses – or anyone for that matter – instruct us as to the inner workings of the seatbelt?

Don’t get me wrong here; I’m sure there are plenty of people (particularly on the northern rivers!) who remember the halcyon time of the early 1950’s when retractable seatbelts were all the rage.

But seriously though, can’t we as a society just maybe take it as read that we all know how to do this?

Sitting on a plane at Coolangatta about to depart for Adelaide last Friday, the revolution almost began.

I wanted desperately to go all Colin Kaepernick and drop to one knee, or turn around – ANYTHING to protest the absurdity of what was going on.

I didn’t though, the last eye roll from my wife combined with the fact I was raised to listen to someone and be attentive when they are talking convinced me that it was not the right time.

That’s how they get us you know, they use our humanity against us!

I wanted to ask the stewardess about how to operate the light or seat-back (but no tutorial for them were forthcoming so I didn’t know where the ‘help; me’ button was.

We landed and astonishingly and step-by-step (quite literally) I figured out how to leave the plane despite the fact it too was omitted from the painfully choreographed in-flight tutorial.

Sure I’d used my legs before but I felt it was remiss of the airline not to give me a quick refresher especially given it seemed pertinent to several safety procedures they talked about.

Just who are these people who have been able to go online to book a flight but have seemingly missed out on the 50 years before the internet and the ‘seatbelt era’??

Think of how absurd it is that airlines feel it necessary that we are re-taught how to master the clasp-buckle dichotomy but when it comes to dangerous goods we are all completely trustworthy, switched-on citizens.

Why can’t the seatbelt tutorial have its own tick box section during the online check-in procedure?

Despite my frustrations, the current pre-flight seminar system does remain highly amusing to me.

As a teenager I loved Seinfeld and cherished his ‘I’m Telling You For The Last Time’ CD.

If you enjoy air travel and have never heard Track 3 of the above album, do yourself a favour;

‘Air Travel’ will help you through the next seatbelt tutorial so much it will be all you can do to not burst out laughing as the stewardess ‘shows you how to put on your seatbelt in case you haven’t been in a car since 1965’.

“Ooooh you lift UP on the Buckle oooooooooooh.

“I was trying to break the metal apart. I thought that’s how it worked.

“I was going to try and tear the fabric part of the belt, I thought if I could just get it started.”

Next year will mark the 20th anniversary of that Seinfeld comedy special, in which he (somewhat ironically) vowed to never again use old material in his comedy.

Hopefully the airlines can take a page from the Seinfeld book and update their material at least once every few generations!

Megan Ziems

Megan Ziems named 2017 Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur of the Year

The Gold Coast’s best and brightest young entrepreneurs were recognised Friday night at the 2017 Young Entrepreneur Awards at QT Gold Coast, with Grace Loves Lace founder Megan Ziems winning the top gong.

Ziems, who started her Burleigh-based bridal brand in 2010, took home the 2017 Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award which recognises the city’s most ambitious young entrepreneur who has cemented their own unique place in the business community.

The judging panel said Ziems is a game-changer who has achieved stellar success and has greatly contributed to the Gold Coast’s economic prosperity.

“Megan is rapidly growing a profitable global business in an on-trend, niche fast fashion space using an omni-channel approach of great digital activity,” said judge Glen Richards, founder of Greencross.

Also on the judging panel, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Bond University Baden U’Ren agreed, “we need more businesses like Megan’s – a boutique niche manufacturer absolutely killing it, and destined for more.”

Founder of the Young Entrepreneur Awards Camilla Jansen congratulated Megan on the achievement. “Megan is an outstanding business person and role model for other entrepreneurs on the Gold Coast, a truly deserving winner of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award,” said Jansen.

Megan Ziems

Megan Ziems | PHOTO: © Supplied by Business News Australia

This year marked the biggest ceremony to date with Gold Coast’s most successful young entrepreneurs receiving awards in front of nearly 300 peers, professionals and executives.

Collectively the Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur finalists boasted a combined turnover of more than $180 million in the last financial year alone, and have created more than 1,000 jobs.

Ms Jansen said and said this year’s line-up of talent was the most impressive to date. “This year was incredibly competitive and showcased a diverse range of talent, every finalist should be congratulated and proud of their achievements.”

City of Gold Coast is a major sponsor of the Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur Awards, and Mayor Tate said it is proud to continue to support the initiative. “The Awards encourage innovation, recognise those who exemplify the Gold Coast’s ‘have-a-go spirit’, and truly reflect the wonderful entrepreneurial spirit of our city,” he said.

Last year’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year Dwayne Martens of Amazonia again took home accolades, winning the 2017 Manufacturing, Wholesale and Distribution award.

Other winners included Tammy Hembrow who has amassed more than 7 million followers on social media and Brad Carr who sold his business Ry.com.au to UK retail giant The Hut Group for an undisclosed amount in August this year.

Here’s a list of all the winners at the 2017 Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur Awards:
• Young Entrepreneur of the Year – Megan Ziems, Grace Loves Lace
• Trailblazer of the Year – James Greig, Ivvy / Bloomtools
• Retail & Services – Brad Carr, Ry.com.au
• Hospitality & Tourism – Cameron Bray, Bray Management
• Influencer – Tammy Hembrow, Tammy Hembrow Fitness / Saski Collection
• Manufacturing, Wholesale & Distribution – Dwayne Martens, Amazonia
• Digital Disruptor – James Greig, Ivvy / Bloomtools
• Technology – Kane Sajdak & Bernard Mangelsdorf, BITS Technology Group
• Fashion Design – Megan Ziems, Grace Loves Lace
• Health & Fitness – Leigh Wetton, EMF Fitness Centre / EMF Performance Centre
• Professional Services – John Ramsden, Ramsden Lawyers
• Arts & Culture – Michael Huxley, Huxley School of Makeup
• Marketing, PR & Events – Fady Hanna, Flagship Digital
• Startup – Renee Tocco, Loanezi
• Property & Construction – Nick Ray, One Sector
• Specialised Services – Jeff Stenner, 2J Electrical
• Social Entrepreneur – Jack Corbett & Ryan Tuckwood, ISR Training and Recruitment
• Young Professional of the Year – Paul Billing, TORFX

Daughter helping father dress for work

Full-time job with 12 weeks’ annual leave? Yes please!

Every term when school holidays roll around, the hot shoe shuffle begins for families everywhere.

And by that I mean: parents devote endless time and energy to working out how they can best juggle work and schedules and childcare in order to accommodate having their kids home from school.

Personally, my family is lucky, as our jobs are flexible. A mix of shift working, working from home, taking our daughter to the office and schlepping her around with us to appointments ensures we can work right through.

But not all parents are so lucky. Some have to invest in expensive after-school care programs. Others have to call in all the favours with friends, family and relatives. Others still are forced to take time off work – often unpaid – in order to care for their kids during the three months or so of school holidays each and every year.

The juggle is real. The struggle is real.

But it could be about to get a whole lot less chaotic!

Engineering firm AECOM is shaking things up with a brand new pilot program that gives employees 12 weeks’ annual leave per year. The aim is for the leave to be taken at the same time as the school holidays, so that engineers – both male and female – can better manage work and family.

They haven’t shared just how they will manage when their workforce suddenly drops for those periods throughout the year, but, details details.

This is such an exciting, positive and thoughtful solution to an ever-growing problem.

All people, not just parents, are striving for work-life balance. Trying to manage careers with family commitments (and do it well) can feel impossible, but also for people who aren’t parents, the idea of a job that comes with three months’ of leave per year seems pretty darn appealing.

Can you imagine how much happier, more productive and generally more content we would be as a society, if we were this well-rested? This rejuvenated? This balanced?!

The AECOM roles are offered with a paypacket equal to 83 per cent of the full-time load (an amount that I’m sure most of us can agree is, well, agreeable).

Let’s hope that the trial run is so ridiculously successfully, other organisations can’t help but follow suit.

Hotelling Stephanie Pickett

WATCH: Soul Surfers Paradise turned into grand stage for Hotelling

Soul Surfers Paradise has been transformed into the grandest of stages for an immersive theatre experience called Hotelling.

Each night from tonight until Sunday, an intimate audience of 22 guests will be summoned to the 64th floor Penthouse apartment and lured into the intoxicating world of ‘Richard Hightower’; one of the world’s richest businessmen who will be hosting an extravagant party in honour of his 118th birthday.

Audience members will be injected into the heart of the story, where they feast not only on Hightowers’ intriguing tale, but also on delicious food and drinks from Peppers’ hatted restaurant, Seaduction.

myGC caught up with Hotelling co-creator David Pledger during cast rehearsals to find out more about the show. Watch below:

Hotelling is on for a limited and exclusive season from November 1 -5, with two sittings per day day at 5-7pm and 8-10pm. For more information, visit: facebook.com/HotellingGoldCoast/

Mishka Sea World Polar Bear Cub Holloween

WATCH: Polar bear cub Mishka celebrates Halloween at Sea World

Polar bear cub Mishka is enjoying some spooky fun at Sea World today to celebrate Halloween.

The Polar Bear Pre-School has been decked out with specially carved pumpkins as well as an array of treats for the 6-month-old cub to enjoy with her mum Liya.

Sea World Director of Marine Sciences, Trevor Long said the Halloween experience will form part of Mishka and Liya’s enrichment program.

“The exhibit here at Sea World offers one of the world’s best enrichment programs and occasions such as Halloween provide a wonderful opportunity for our Bears to experience a range of different smells and textures.”

Mr Long said Mishka is continuing to grow significantly, and now weighs over 30 kilograms.

“Although her main source of nutrition is from suckling milk from mum, Mishka has started eating a range of solid foods including fish, beef and pork,” he said.

“Since making her public debut in September, Sea World guests have fallen in love with Mishka which is a great situation for all Polar Bears as she is helping to raise awareness and create empathy for her wild counterparts.”

For more information on polar bear cub Mishka visit seaworld.com.au