P!NK is bringing her 2018 world tour down under!

INTERNATIONAL pop icon P!NK has revealed that she is bringing her 2018 world tour down under!

Following last week’s announcement of a US tour in support of her seventh studio album, Beautiful Trauma, P!NK will head to Australia for multiple arena shows.

The first concert will hit Perth Arena on July 3 before heading onto Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane before returning to New Zealand for her first shows since 2007.

Tickets for all shows go on sale on Friday, October 20, however an exciting 48-hour pre-sale is available for Telstra customers from Monday, October 16 until Wednesday, October 18.

P!NK 2018 Australian Tour

Tuesday, 3rd July
Perth Arena, Perth

Wednesday, 4th July
Perth Arena, Perth

Tuesday, 10th July
Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide

Wednesday, 11th July
Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide

Monday, 16th July
Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

Tuesday, 17th July
Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

Thursday, 19th July
Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

Friday, 20th July
Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

Friday, 3rd August
Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney

Saturday, 4th August
Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney

Monday, 6th August
Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney

Tuesday, 7th August
Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney

Tuesday, 14th August
Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane

Wednesday, 15th August
Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane


WATCH: Blanc de Blanc is back with some new acts set to surprise!

Gold Coast audiences couldn’t get enough of Blanc de Blanc when it debuted as part of the Bleach Festival back in April.

The sizzling, sexy, and sassy show was a sell-out, and now it’s made a return to the glitter strip to titillate locals once again.

This time, Blanc de Blanc will be performing its champagne cabaret inside a stunning Aurora Spiegeltent which has popped up at Broadwater Parklands for the month.

The show will feature many of the acts Gold Coasters fell in love with the first time, with a some new additions thrown in to spice things up.

myGC got a sneak peek of some of the new acts ahead of this show’s opening night – Watch below:

Blanc de Blanc is on at Broadwater Parklands from October 5 to November 5 2017. It is a seductive, immersive and naughty night out and is suitable for adults only. Tickets for the return season to the Gold Coast are on sale now at: blancshow.com

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After Vegas shooting, will US tighten gun laws?

A school teacher. A mother-of-three who runs an at-home childcare centre. A nurse, a Disneyland waitress, a recent college graduate, a doting grandma.

These are just some of the victims of the horrific Las Vegas shooting that claimed dozens of lives over the weekend.

I’ve been in tears reading about these poor souls – people who were just out for a good time with their friends and family. There were kids at the concert, man. The photos and footage and sounds of the relentless gunfire are absolutely brutal. What an unbelievably tragic and terrifying thing to experience.

And do you know what makes it even harder to bear?

The knowledge that this won’t be the last time.

Nothing changed after teenagers wiped out their classmates at Columbine, or after six-year-olds were murdered at Sandy Hook, or after dozens were slaughtered at an Orlando nightclub.

So why would the United States even consider tightening their gun laws now?

Americans are attached to their guns – and those Americans who fiercely believe in their second amendment right to bear arms will never allow that right to be infringed upon.

And, as Joe Hildebrand explains, “The gun control debate will never be won unless we understand… [that] the left and the right are arguing at cross purposes. Liberals think they’re talking about a machine, and libertarians think they’re talking about an ideal.”

Pro-gun advocates believe that more guns are the solution. So let’s just imagine, for a moment, that people were armed at this concert.

Imagine that as bullets rained down on them, in the confusion and chaos, people started firing back. How much higher would the death toll be? Police have already reported that civilians, in the chaos, attempted to commandeer their vehicles; can you imagine how much more chaotic and dangerous it could have been if those civilians were armed?

The Atlantic has this week reported on Australia’s gun restrictions, in effect since the Port Arthur massacre of 1996. The article notes that “no other society allows the massacres to keep happening”, except the US.

“America will not stop these shootings,” the reporter writes.

“They will go on. We all know that, which makes the immediate wave of grief even worse… This is who we are.”

This is who America is. So no, the laws won’t change. Not now. Perhaps, not ever.

Brushtail Possum

Wildlife Wednesday: Pauly the Possum

A young brushtail possum that was found stuck in a house drain is recovering in the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.

Dr Michael Pyne told myGC that Pauly may have been living in the drain for a while.

“It has been nice and dry for a long time so Pauly probably thought he had a really good little spot. But now that it has started to rain, it has turned into a very bad spot,” he said.

“He has no major issues – just a little bit of bruising from being wedged in the drain.”

See Pauly undergoing an x-ray and an examination in the video below:

For more information on the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, visit: cwhf.org.au/

WATCH: Miley Cyrus & Adam Sandler honour Vegas shooting victims with beautiful tribute

Whilst the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon is usually known for its humour, it was a more sombre broadcast on Monday night in the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Host Jimmy Fallon addressed the tragedy straight up, before Miley Cyrus and Adam Sandler performed a special and extremely touching tribute to honour the victims.

“We woke up to the news of another senseless shooting, this time in Las Vegas,” an emotional Fallon said.

“In the face of tragedies and acts of terror we need to remember that good still exists in this world.

“We’re here to entertain you tonight and that’s what we’ll do. Ladies and gentlemen with a little help from Adam Sandler, Miley Cyrus.”


“No Love without Freedom … No Freedom without LOVE ❤️ Thank you so much to Adam Sandler for joining me tonight in remembering all those lost, and singing lyrics that I believe are so important at this time…. ” Miley wrote on social media following the duo’s performance of Dido’s ‘No Freedom.’

The powerful tribute has already touched the hearts of hundreds of people around the world.

“When words fail, music speaks”… Beautiful tribute,” one person commented.