WATCH | Aussie soldier returns home early to surprise son at school

A YOUNG Queensland schoolboy has openly wept in front of his peers at school assembly, while watching a video his dad recorded in Afghanistan.

Little did William Anderson know, his dad was actually waiting in the wings to deliver a surprise reunion.

The Toowoomba school boy had not seen his dad for seven months, after Lieutenant Michael Anderson was posted overseas in 2018.

William’s teacher at Highlands Christian College organised for students to write letters and put together care packages to send to Lt Anderson’s platoon.

He wanted to thank the school for all the goodwill, so he arranged for a special gift to be delivered at school assembly.

On March 1, everyone except for William’s family, teachers and assistant principal Warren Seip thought Lt Anderson was passing the gift on via video, as he wasn’t expected home for another week.

Lt Anderson had recorded a video message, which was played as William stood on the school stage crying while seeing and hearing his dad.

“I’d like to just grab a small gift to present to the school,” Lt Anderson said.

“Hang on two seconds, I’ll just go grab it,” he says before being seen stepping on stage to embrace his son in a surprise homecoming.

(Source: Highlands Christian College)

“On behalf of my platoon and all the guys and girls in Afghanistan, I’ve got a token of our appreciation here I’d like to present to the school.

Lt Anderson gifted the school a banner displaying his “company symbol: Delta Coy 6 RAR” which had been signed by all the members of his platoon.

(Source: Highlands Christian College)

“On behalf of the school, can I just say thank you for your service,” Assistant Principal Seip said.

“I know it’s a huge sacrifice, giving up your life and leaving your family for an extended period of time.”

Watch for yourself…

Home coming

After a 7 month deployment to Afghanistan, Dad returns home to surprise his son at school. The reunion will melt your heart 😭🙌#WeAreHighlanders

Posted by Highlands Christian College on Wednesday, 6 March 2019


Queensland number plates to include… EMOJIS!

Emojis have well and truly taken over our phones, and now they’re set to dominate the roads too!

Next month, Queenslanders will be able to add a fun little emoji to the end of their number plate, if they choose to.

We’ve been able to support our favourite sport teams on the roads, and now you can tell other drivers just how you’re feeling.

Only five emojis will be released to start with, and we’ve already noted the initial release is of the more positive emojis: a laugh out loud face, a wink face, the sunglasses-wearing emoji, the heart-eyes expression, and just a smile.

A personalised emoji number plate could set you back anywhere between $160-$500, and will be available for purchase from March 1.

The rules so far, in terms of designing your own plate, include being able to mix 3 letters and 2 numbers (five characters only).

You can choose from standard and slimline sizes, but colour-wise is only white text on a black background, and there are the five different emojis to choose from.

If the initial roll out is popular enough, more emojis and design options may follow, but so far the announcement is receiving some mixed feedback.

“Brilliant”, “tacky”, “gross”, are just some of the comments on the Personalised Plates Queensland’s Facebook post.

Along with requests for other emojis, such as the popular eggplant and the poop symbol.

What do you think? Would you take to the roads with an emoji on your tail?

New Emoji's 2019

Hundreds of new emojis hitting our keyboards this year

Hundreds of new emojis will be gracing social media platforms this year, and here’s a brief look at all of them!

Say hello to yawning face, pinching hand, skunk, sloth and otter, you’ll soon find them all in your Emoji keyboard.

The release is the sixth major update since 2014, with the emojis rolling out under our fingers from March.

It’s not all funny animals, food and beverages – emojis are making big strides this year with gender inclusiveness.

You’ll now be able to select women holding hands and men holding hands, all with mixed skin tones.

Plus there’s a range of accessibility emojis like wheelchairs, probing canes, hearing aids, service dogs and mechanical limbs.

There are still a few peculiar additions in the mix as well… we can’t say our lives were desperately needing an emoji of a wooden chair…

But it’s exciting all the same! Check out the video below for all the 2019 emojis!

Girl shocked looking at mobile

Terrifying FaceTime bug lets you spy on the person you’re calling

Well… this is slightly terrifying.

A major bug has been discovered in Apple’s FaceTime software which allows people to listen in on the person they’re calling before they even accept or reject the call.

To make things even more frightening, the caller can reportedly also see through the person’s camera before they even pick up.

According to 9to5 Mac, all you have to do is call someone on FaceTime and before they answer the phone, swipe up to add yourself to the call. It’s as simple as that…

When contacted by The Verge, an Apple spokesperson confirmed they were aware of the newly discovered bug.

“We’re aware of this issue and we have identified a fix that will be released in a software update later this week,” Apple said in a statement.

In the meantime, people are being urged to disable FaceTime until the software fix is rolled out.

Person looking at mobile confused

Fierce debate: Forget the dress… how do you draw an ‘X’?

Uh oh… it’s ‘the dress’ all over again – but this time people are being asked not about what colours they see, but how they draw an X.

Twitter user Sixers Smasey has sparked online debate after asking the simple question.

“This is so interesting to me – which way do you draw an X? Colored line being the first stroke” she wrote.

“General consensus is that Americans do 7 & 8 while UK does 5 & 6. Probably how we were taught. Not sure about other countries”

So, how do you draw your X? Let us know in the comment section below!