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WATCH: Video captures adorable moment between Harry and Meghan on Palace balcony

We all know that the first time for anything can be a little daunting… but imagine what it’s like knowing the whole world is watching you.

Meghan Markle may be a Royal, but a sweet moment on the Buckingham Palace balcony at the weekend proved she’s just like the rest of us.

Whilst celebrating the Queen’s 92nd Birthday during Trooping the Colour on Saturday, the Duchess appeared to be a little unsure about when to cursty for Her Majesty.

Video footage posted to the Harry Meghan Updates Instagram page showed the adorable moment Meghan turned to her new husband for help.

In the footage, Meghan can be seen asking Harry, “Do it?” before he calmly responds “Yes” and bows his head out of respect for seeing his grandmother.


According to a lip reader, it wasn’t the first time Harry helped his wife through her balcony debut, with him reportedly asking Meghan if she was “okay”, before she quietly responded “nervous”.

Awww. I don’t think we could possibly love this couple any more than we already do!

SQUEAL! One of our favourite ’90s toys is making a BIG comeback

Get excited nineties kids, because the original Polly Pockets are making a comeback!

Mattel announced they were bringing back the iconic Polly Pocket compact in a post on their official Instagram account.

“Who ever said the 90s were over – talk to the hand. Bring on the high-top sneakers, the denim on denim, and our totally tiny friend. #PollyPocket” Mattel wrote alongside a video of the revived toys.

As expected, fans have gone a little cray over the news.

“Amazing! I loved these toys when I was little! My girls will be thrilled ❤❤” one person wrote.

“Is it ok that I’m almost 30 and ready to buy the new Polly pocket?” commented another.

A post shared by Mattel (@mattel) on

The much-loved pocket-sized doll compacts were originally launched in the late 80s but were discontinued in 1998.

The new dolls are set to be released in the US this July, but it’s not yet known when they’ll be hitting shelves in Australia.

Let’s just hope it’s sometime soon because my niece *cough, me* can’t wait any longer.

WATCH: Young girl’s cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Supermarket Flowers’ will give you goosebumps

A young girl is wowing the world with her powerful rendition of Ed Sheeran’s emotional hit Supermarket Flowers.

Singer Allie Sherlock is only 13-years-old and has been busking in the streets of Dublin in Ireland for a number of years now.

It’s not hard to see why the teen is making a name for herself in the music world – with her stunning covers drawing in crowds of hundreds of people in her hometown and millions online.

But its her cover of Sheeran’s Supermarket Flowers which seems to have really struck a chord with her fans.


The cover has racked up more than 7 million views on YouTube alone, and judging from Allie’s Instagram, the man himself was rather impressed too – inviting her backstage after one of his shows!

You can watch more of Allie’s amazing busking videos here.

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Eagle-eyed royal watchers spot new photo of Harry and Meghan in Queen’s meeting

A never-before-seen photo of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has been spotted by some eagle-eyed royal watchers.

The photograph was revealed during a meeting at Buckingham Palace between the Queen and former Australian Senator George Brandis.

Mr Brandis just recently started his appointment as Australia’s new High Commissioner in London and was being received by the Queen.

However, it wasn’t the meeting people seemed to be intrigued by… instead they were too busy trying to zoom in on a photo frame in the background featuring Prince Harry and Meghan.

While it’s not known exactly where the adorable snap was taken, there are rumours it may have been around the time of the royal couple’s engagement, with Meghan seen resting her hand proudly on Harry’s chest – Aww!

Shave Leg at Pool

Woman filmed shaving her legs in hotel swimming pool

Outrage has erupted after video footage appearing to show a woman shaving her legs in a busy hotel pool was posted online.

The bizarre footage was shared to Reddit on Monday, where it has since gone viral.

In the video, a woman can be seen sitting on the edge of a pool shaving her legs whilst children swim around her.

At one stage, the woman even appears to dip the razor in the pool to clean it before continuing the job.

“I will never swim in a public pool. I realized one day, long ago that the public pool is just one, giant, cool water bathtub and everyone treats it as such,” one horrified viewer commented.

It’s understood the video was filmed at a public hotel pool in Florida, United States.

You can watch the clip here.