Eagle-eyed Aussie spots $2.3b spelling mistake on new $50 note

THE Reserve Bank of Australia has been left red-faced after it was revealed 46 million newly-designed $50 notes currently in circulation contained a spelling error.

In near-microscopic reverse text detailing the inaugural parliamentary speech of Australia’s first female MP, Edith Cowan, the word “responsibility” has been printed without the third ‘i’, leaving “responsibilty“.

The RBA admitted on Thursday that the spelling mistake was printed repeatedly on each note before they entered circulation in October last year.

The typo appears three times in the text just above Edith Cowan’s shoulder on the note.

An eagle-eyed currency buff spotted the misprint and called Sydney’s Triple M radio station to expose it.

Forty-six million new $50 notes have been printed so far at a cost of $2.3 billion.

The RBA on Thursday said the typo would be corrected on future notes.

Kangaroo Beach

WATCH | Kangaroo filmed swimming at tranquil Aussie beach

In an ‘Only in Australia’ moment, a man has captured a kangaroo have a dip at a stunning Queensland beach.

Bundaberg local, Jamin Fleming, filmed the marsupial swimming in the crystal clear waters at Kinkuna Beach on Sunday morning.

“Managed to capture this little fella playing in the waves… he was having a good old time,” Jamin wrote on his personal Facebook page.

The owner of outdoor campsite, Bucca Retreat, elaborated on the business’s Facebook page, that he used a drone to capture the roo.

“We managed to have a day off today and take the drone down to a local beach filming. Look what we found!! Not your typical water creature!”

It seems the campsite also has its share of wonderful animal encounters, with Jamin sharing a video in April of their resident goat jumping on a Shetland pony.

You’re welcome.


Is this car safety ad too “gory”? Facebook thinks so

FACEBOOK again has Australians up in arms, after refusing to allow another advertisement on its platform.

Just a day after it was revealed this Breast Cancer campaign was deemed “in violation of its partial nudity policy”, Facebook has labelled a car safety campaign too ‘gory’.

The commercial by the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) is part of its “Safer Vehicles Save Lives” campaign and features two crash test dummies in a head-on collision.

The ad begins showing the ‘dummies’ as real people. They start their day with their loved ones before getting in their car and being transported to the crash test facility.

They are both shown behind the wheels of their cars – one a 1998 model, the other a 2015 model – before being sent on a collision course.

We’re shown inside the vehicles at the moment of impact, but the people have been replaced by the dummies.

Viewers are then urged to “find out who survives”, by going to their website to compare your own vehicle.

ANCAP TELEVISION COMMERCIAL (2018) – 'Safer Vehicle Choices Save Lives' campaign

Anne & Michael are strangers, but they do share something in common – they travel the same road each day. It's a typical, un-divided road joining their neighbouring suburbs. The factor that decides their fate is the age & safety of their car.Watch to FIND OUT WHO SURVIVES: www.ancap.com.au/WhoSurvives#FindOutWhoSurvives #SaferVehicleChoicesSaveLives

Posted by ANCAP Safety Ratings on Monday, 2 July 2018

The ad went up on the ANCAP Facebook page in July 2018, but it’s now been revealed the social media giant has removed it.

“We don’t allow ads that feature scary, gory or sensational content like vehicle collisions and accidents,” Facebook said in a statement.

ANCAP has posed the question: “How do we get road safety messages out there if they are too ‘shocking’?”

Social media can have great influence and effect, but how do we get road safety messages out there if they are too ‘shocking’?

Posted by ANCAP Safety Ratings on Friday, 3 May 2019

It comes after the social network copped worldwide condemnation after taking too long to remove the live stream of the Christchurch terror attack.


WATCH | Aussie soldier returns home early to surprise son at school

A YOUNG Queensland schoolboy has openly wept in front of his peers at school assembly, while watching a video his dad recorded in Afghanistan.

Little did William Anderson know, his dad was actually waiting in the wings to deliver a surprise reunion.

The Toowoomba school boy had not seen his dad for seven months, after Lieutenant Michael Anderson was posted overseas in 2018.

William’s teacher at Highlands Christian College organised for students to write letters and put together care packages to send to Lt Anderson’s platoon.

He wanted to thank the school for all the goodwill, so he arranged for a special gift to be delivered at school assembly.

On March 1, everyone except for William’s family, teachers and assistant principal Warren Seip thought Lt Anderson was passing the gift on via video, as he wasn’t expected home for another week.

Lt Anderson had recorded a video message, which was played as William stood on the school stage crying while seeing and hearing his dad.

“I’d like to just grab a small gift to present to the school,” Lt Anderson said.

“Hang on two seconds, I’ll just go grab it,” he says before being seen stepping on stage to embrace his son in a surprise homecoming.

(Source: Highlands Christian College)

“On behalf of my platoon and all the guys and girls in Afghanistan, I’ve got a token of our appreciation here I’d like to present to the school.

Lt Anderson gifted the school a banner displaying his “company symbol: Delta Coy 6 RAR” which had been signed by all the members of his platoon.

(Source: Highlands Christian College)

“On behalf of the school, can I just say thank you for your service,” Assistant Principal Seip said.

“I know it’s a huge sacrifice, giving up your life and leaving your family for an extended period of time.”

Watch for yourself…

Home coming

After a 7 month deployment to Afghanistan, Dad returns home to surprise his son at school. The reunion will melt your heart 😭🙌#WeAreHighlanders

Posted by Highlands Christian College on Wednesday, 6 March 2019


Queensland number plates to include… EMOJIS!

Emojis have well and truly taken over our phones, and now they’re set to dominate the roads too!

Next month, Queenslanders will be able to add a fun little emoji to the end of their number plate, if they choose to.

We’ve been able to support our favourite sport teams on the roads, and now you can tell other drivers just how you’re feeling.

Only five emojis will be released to start with, and we’ve already noted the initial release is of the more positive emojis: a laugh out loud face, a wink face, the sunglasses-wearing emoji, the heart-eyes expression, and just a smile.

A personalised emoji number plate could set you back anywhere between $160-$500, and will be available for purchase from March 1.

The rules so far, in terms of designing your own plate, include being able to mix 3 letters and 2 numbers (five characters only).

You can choose from standard and slimline sizes, but colour-wise is only white text on a black background, and there are the five different emojis to choose from.

If the initial roll out is popular enough, more emojis and design options may follow, but so far the announcement is receiving some mixed feedback.

“Brilliant”, “tacky”, “gross”, are just some of the comments on the Personalised Plates Queensland’s Facebook post.

Along with requests for other emojis, such as the popular eggplant and the poop symbol.

What do you think? Would you take to the roads with an emoji on your tail?