WATCH: This High School’s now-viral ‘Avengers’ dance routine is EPIC!

You would say it was pretty marvel-ous…

A US high school’s Avengers-themed dance routine is going viral on social media – and for good reason.

The Performing Arts crew from Walden Grove High School in Sahuarita, Arizona performed the epic routine, which was centred around the storylines of the Avengers ‘Infinity War‘ and ‘Endgame‘ films, at their homecoming pep rally this month.

The brilliant performance not only wowed crowds in the stands, but millions of people around the world.

The clip has already racked up more than two million views since being posted to YouTube on September 6.


Australian BEER magician just made the semis of America’s Got Talent

An Australian Magician has made his way to the semi-finals of America’s Got Talent, and he makes beer appear and then skulls it and it’s just SO Aussie!

The BEER magic of Dom Chambers has wowed the panel of judges – including notoriously tough Simon Cowell. Because, yeah, beer magic.

Not only has an Australian gone and made the semis of the biggest US talent show, he’s done it in TRUE Aussie spirit – with schooner in hand.

His audition says it all… He somehow makes SIX glasses of beer appear, as well as a bottle of wine, and a ‘shoey’, which he then (of course) necks. #straya

“This is the biggest stage in the world, I don’t want to be doing those shows anymore (referring to the time he was hired to perform magic at a funeral), this is where I really want to be,” he told the judges before a thrilling, Aussie-as performance.

Chamber’s came back round after round – wowing the judges every step of the way, before this morning (Aus time) finding out he’d made it through to the semis.

The semi-finals of ‘America’s Got Talent’, and an Australian beer-producing/drinking magician has made it. WHAT EVEN?!

Simon Cowell didn’t even understand Chamber’s quarter-final tricks – but still calls him a ‘genius’ for fooling not just the judges, but the ENTIRE audience, and ‘those playing along at home’.

Check it out!

In just a matter of hours, that video soared to over 500,000 views.

“We all fell in love with you doing exactly what you do best, which is bring currency, relevancy and up-to-date magic to the masses,” Gabrielle Union said to Chambers when he was voted through to the semis.

The first round of the semis begin next week… Common Aussie! Common Dom! And common beer!


Instagram says THAT viral copyright post is simply a hoax

You know that post about Instagram that keeps popping up in your feed? Well, it turns out it’s simply a hoax.

Instragram cheif executive Adam Mosseri took to the platform today to set the record straight after thousands of people, including celebrities, started sharing the fake post this week.

“Heads up!” he wrote on his Instagram story.

“If you’re seeing a meme claiming that Instagram is changing its rules tomorrow, it’s not true,” he said.

Stephanie Otway, a spokesperson for Facebook, which owns Instagram, also confirmed the claims were false.

“There’s no truth to this post,” she told The Verge.

The meme warned of apparent changes to Instagram’s privacy policy, which would give the service the power to use your photos and messages without consent.

“Everything you’ve ever posted becomes public from today,” the now-viral post reads.


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Numerous actors and musicians including Pink and Rob Lowe have allegedly fallen for the hoax, sharing it to their own page.

WATCH – Snow Kangaroos have been captured on camera!

A video of kangaroos jumping through snow has gone viral on social media, because, you know, ‘Straya.

Stephen Grenfell posted the video over the weekend of the amount of snow that had fallen near Goulbourn in New South Wales, which typically does not get snow.

The person taking the video is moving slowly by a paddock, as the mob of kangaroos hop in many different directions, probably trying to figure out what’s going on… (we’ve assumed that)

Naturally, the video’s going bonkers online, because to fellow Aussies we’re like ‘heck what’s all that snow doing there?’, while the international community is probably flipping out that kangaroos actually exist (after widespread roo-mers – sorry –  that we’ve made the entire species up).

OR – is there a new breed of Snow-Kangaroos that we’re all just learning about together?! Mind shook.

Either way, this video’s earned a whopping half a million views already, ‘love buttoned’ by tens of thousands, and discussed by over 5,000 Twitterers.

So, you should probably also check it out… to keep up with trends and what not.


Adorable French Bulldog wins at World Dog Surfing Championships

Just when you thought your Thursday couldn’t get any better… we bring you pooches tearing it up on waves at the World Dog Surfing Championships.

Yes, such competition does exist… and it’s the best thing to grace our computer screens today.

More than 50 adorable dogs and their owners battled it out at Pacifica State Beach in California to claim the title of best surf dog – but just like any ordinary competition, there can only be one winner… and that honour went to a french bulldog named Cherie!

The proud pooch took to her official Twitter account to reveal the exciting news.

“YESTERDAY. WAS. PAWESOME!” a post on the Twitter account for Cherie reads.

“I can’t believe that I get to tell you that I WON!!! I took a gold medal in Medium Dogs and a gold medal in Best In Surf at the @WorldDogSurfing Championships!”

Cherie was inundated with messages of congratulations from fans.

“So proud of you Cherie!” one person commented.

“Awesome! Congratulations- you go girl!!” wrote another.