See what ‘Charlie bit my finger’ stars look like 10 years after viral video

Can you believe its been 10 years since the ‘Charlie bit my finger’ video graced our computer screens?

The viral clip, which featured young brothers Harry and Charlie, has been watched by people around the world more than 849 million times since being uploaded to YouTube in 2007.

“Even had I thought of trying to get my boys to do this I probably couldn’t have. Neither were coerced into any of this and neither were hurt (for very long anyway). This was just one of those moments when I had the video camera out because the boys were being fun and they provided something really very funny,” the caption of the video read.

After a decade, the stars of the clip are all grown up with Harry now 13 and Charlie 11.

If you haven’t seen the original video in a while, here it is:

Parents holding baby

WATCH: Hilarious viral video on how mums are ‘only human’

From the amount of ‘screen time’ your child has, to whether they are bottle or breastfed; the judgement targeted at parents is constant.

But one mum isn’t having a bar of it.

British singer, voice-over artist and actress Riona O’Connor has taken the very serious Human by Rag’N’Bone Man and turned it into something that will make all mothers (and some fathers) chuckle.

The Unnatural Woman is a mother of one and admits she has “no idea what I’m doing in life and in motherhood”.


Girl shocked looking at mobile

Couple’s seemingly raunchy holiday snap shocks the internet

A couple’s holiday snap is going viral online because of its seemingly raunchy optical illusion.

The image, which is actually really quite innocent and sweet, was uploaded to Reddit by a friend of the woman in the photo.

“My friend posted a new profile pic with her boyfriend and everyone took a double take…,” the friend captioned the image.

What do you see?

My friend posted a new profile pic with her boyfriend, and everyone took a double take… from funny

If you look closely, you’ll see it’s just a man wearing boardshorts with his partner’s legs across his lap.

“At first, in the thumbnail I thought he was totally naked. Then I realized that was his hand,” one person commented.

“Then I clicked it and realized it was her legs. Then I went back to the thumbnail, and I thought they must’ve done that intentionally. Then i clicked it again and realized they didn’t.

“This post has been an absolute emotional rollercoaster for me!”

Crying Baby

WATCH: Father discovers extraordinary trick to calm crying baby

A father has become an internet sensation after posting a series of videos showing the genius way he gets his newborn daughter to stop crying.

The amazing technique, which is a simple ‘yoga chant’ has shocked parents around the world.

More than 33 million people have watched the original video, which was posted to Facebook by Daniel Eisenman this week.

“Well now that over 33 million humans have heard & seen the original version, questions are starting to surface about if this works every time?!” Eisenman wrote, with many people questioning whether the method was legitimate.

“Firstly, I don’t believe anything happens twice the same way. Secondly, it’s not necessarily about it “working”… it’s about our precious #EarthAngel practicing self acceptance through self-expression, AND simultaneously holding me accountable to do the same by #OMing more.”


Mascara Brush

Don’t throw out your mascara brush! Here’s the adorable reason why…

You may want to think twice before chucking your old mascara brush in the bin with the makeup applicators now being used for a very special reason.

Thanks to the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina, recycled mascara brushes are now being used to nurse orphaned wild animals back to health.

“Did you know something as simple as an old mascara wand can help wildlife?” Co-founder of Appalachian Wildlife, Savannah Trantham said in a post on Facebook which has since gone viral.

“We use mascara brushes to help remove fly eggs and larva from the fur of animals. They work great because the bristles are so close together.”


People around the world have fallen in love with the #WandsForWildlife initiative, with hundreds of recycled mascara wands being sent in to the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge everyday.

If you would like to help out by donating your old mascara brush, click here.