WATCH: Heathrow Airport’s heartwarming Christmas ad is everything we needed to see today

You may want to grab a box of tissues…

The adorable Heathrow Airport bears are back and melting hearts around the globe with another tearjerker of a Christmas ad.

Set to Petula Clark’s Couldn’t Live Without Your Love, the beautiful ad centres around the 50-year love story of fluffy bear couple Doris and Edward Bair.

The ad starts in the 1960’s when the pair first meet on a flight, and finishes in the modern day.

Heathrow’s commercial director Ross Baker said the airport’s ad received so much praise last year that they had to bring the bears back again.

“After an overwhelming response across the globe to Doris and Edward last year, we had to bring these lovable bears back to our screens,” Mr Baker said.

“We hear from our passengers that there is no greater feeling than being wrapped in the arms of a loved one at Christmas. We wanted the advert to capture this unique feeling and make people feel even more excited to welcome friends and family this festive season.”

The super sweet ad, which has already been viewed more than 67,000 times since being posted yesterday, has quickly become one of the most adored Christmas advertisements of the season.


You can watch last year’s Heathrow Airport Christmas ad below:

Baby Lion Cub

WATCH: This video of a tiny baby lion learning to roar will make your day

Sometimes we can get so caught up in the bad news of the world that we forget beautiful, innocent things in life exist…

Like this baby lion trying to roar for the very first time.

Video of the adorable moment was uploaded to Twitter in recent days and has since gone viral with more than 193,000 likes.

In the clip, the baby animal can be seen strolling down a pathway, trying to let out a terrifying roar, but the best it can do is a tiny croak.

If you need something to make you smile today, this video will be sure to do it.


Child shocked screaming

Grandfather accidentally gives granddaughter’s Bratz Doll a creepy makeover

A grandfather has accidentally taken the face off his granddaughters Bratz Doll whilst trying to clean it and the result is absolutely terrifying/hilarious.

A woman posted photos of the doll’s unfortunate makeover to Twitter, explaining that her Dad used mineral turpentine to try and clean its face, which instead ended up taking all of the paint/makeup off.

Bless his beautiful soul, the grandfather felt so bad about ruining his granddaughter’s toy that he cut out a pair of eyes from a magazine and glued them onto the doll’s face.

The end result has gone viral on social media, with some people creeped out by the doll’s new face and others praising the grandfather for his adorable heart.


Child goes on rampage in Sephora, destroys $1300 worth of makeup

Makeup lovers, you may want to look away now…

A child has allegedly gone on a rampage in a Sephora store in the US, destroying $1300 worth of makeup.

Makeup artist Brittany Nelson posted an image of the destruction to Facebook a few days ago, where it has since gone viral.

“$1300 of Make Up Forever eye shadow destroyed at Sephora tonight due to a small child,” Ms Nelson captioned an image of dozens of eye-shadow palettes all crumbled.

She went on to explain that “I’m sure he/she thought they were like finger paints and had no idea how naughty they were being,” before urging mothers to shop for their makeup without their “tiny humans.”

“Mammas, please shop for your makeup without your tiny humans,” she wrote.

“It’s not fun for you or them or the expensive product.”


WATCH: Samsung makes fun of the iPhone in hilarious new ad

SAMSUNG loves to poke fun at Apple and their latest advertisement is probably one of their most savage yet.

The 60-second commercial, titled ‘Growing Up’ is going viral online because of it’s somewhat brutally honest portrayal of the iPhone.

In the ad, Samsung mocks the iPhone’s storage, multiple chargers and adapters and the long queues fans often have to wait in to get their hands on the new device.

The commercial ends on a young man named Erik making the switch to a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 after spending the last decade as an iPhone user.

Social media users have praised the advertisement, with many stating that they cant wait for Apple’s response.

“I’m just hoping that Apple makes one ad to mock Samsung in return. That would be hilarious,” one user wrote.