Facebook Messenger

Hallelujah! We will soon be able to ‘unsend’ messages on Facebook chat

If you’ve ever sent a message to the wrong person or an inappropriate chat to an ex, you will no longer have to worry!

Facebook has announced that they’re introducing an ‘unsend’ feature, which will allow users to quickly delete a message they regret.

The new feature was revealed in update 192.0 for iOS on Wednesday.

“Coming soon: Remove a message from a chat thread after it’s been sent,” the update reads.

“If you accidentally send the wrong photo, incorrect information, or message the wrong thread, you can easily correct it by removing the message within 10 minutes of sending it.”

The feature is believed to be similar to that of Instagram direct message, which lets people tap and hold on the message they wish to remove, and then select Unsend.


WOAH! Samsung has unveiled its first ‘foldable phone’

Ladies and gents, the future is officially here.

Samsung has confirmed that it will launch its first foldable smartphone sometime next year.

The company gave a sneak peek of the savvy new device at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco this week.

During the presentation, Samsung vice president of mobile marketing Justin Denison revealed that the smartphone will operate as both a tablet and mobile by using a new technology called Infinity Flex Display.

“The Infinity Flex Display represents an entirely new mobile platform,” Denison said.

“We’ve been living in a world where the size of your screen can only be as large as the device itself. We’ve added a new dimension to help you browse, watch and multitask like never before.”

The Infinity Flex Display will allow the user to fold and unfold the device without any damage occurring to the screen.

“When it’s open, it’s a tablet, offering a big-screen experience,” Denison said.

“When it’s closed, it’s a phone that fits neatly inside your pocket.”



Hilarious! Woman uses cousin’s ‘manicured’ hand for engagement photo

Let’s be honest, every woman has dreamed of the day the love of her life gets down on one knee and pops the question… and most women want everything to be perfect!

Whilst some get a sneaky suspicion that a proposal is on its way, for most loving ladies it comes as a sweet surprise.

Melbourne woman Diana was one of those ladies who had no idea about her impending engagement and was therefore unprepared and un-manicured – but have no fear, because the genius cousin of this bride-to-be was there to lend a helping hand.

Instead of using her own hand in the engagement photos, Diana used her cousin’s perfectly manicured ring-ready hand to show off her new bling!

Diana’s cousin shared the photos on social media over the weekend, and as expected, they went viral.

“My cousin’s boyfriend proposed to her but she didn’t have her nails done lmao,” she wrote.

“Diana is a nurse so she never has her nails done. José planned this surprise proposal & couldn’t really get her to do her nails without raising suspicion,” the cousin added.

“José convinced Diana that the celebration was for his parent’s wedding anniversary, before getting on his knees and revealing that it was all really for her! My girl organised HER OWN proposal party anyway there were photographers & that’s how this shot was captured.”

Well played Diana, well played!

Wedding Jump Joy

Bounce into marriage with these epic wedding jumping castles!

I’m not even engaged but I’ve never been more excited about my future wedding thanks to this genius wedding trend.

Brides and Grooms are now literally jumping for joy on their big day, with white jumping castles taking the wedding world by storm.

Perfect for newlyweds who are still big kids at heart, it seems the inflatable funhouse is the new wedding activity we never knew we needed!

Admittedly, they don’t make a bad backdrop for memorable photos either, with many couples personalising the white castles with flowers, fairy lights and more!

If you’re keen to spring into married life with your other half, you definitely need to hop on board this newest trend…


Posted by A Wedding Wonderland on Sunday, 14 May 2017

We were over at Crathorne Hall Hotel yesterday, a lovely venue with beautiful grounds.

Posted by A Wedding Wonderland on Friday, 2 June 2017

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QAS Ron McCartney

WATCH: Gold Coast paramedics treat palliative care patient to ice cream on final journey to hospital

Two Gold Coast paramedics have been praised for their kindness and compassion on social media, after going above and beyond for a terminally ill patient.

Paramedics Kate Hanafy and Hanna Hoswell were called to Sharon and Ron McCartney’s home last week to transport Mr McCartney to palliative care.

When Sharon mentioned that her 72-year-old husband had barely eaten for two days, the paramedics asked him if he could eat anything, what would it be?

“A caramel sundae,”  Mr McCartney said.

The officers then made a detour on the way to the hospital so Mr McCartney could enjoy his favourite dessert in the back of the ambulance.

A photo of Ron enjoying his caramel sundae was shared online by the Queensland Ambulance Service and has since gone viral.

Today, Mr McCartney’s family met Paramedics Kate Hanafy and Hanna Hoswell to say thank you for their kind gesture.

Watch the video below:

Sadly Mr McCartney died on Saturday in palliative care, following a 17-year fight with pancreatic cancer.