Community transmission cases now at ‘critical stage’ in NSW

New South Wales has recorded another 186 cases overnight, bringing the state wide total to 1,405.

19 people are now in ICU, out of the 134 people receiving care.

877 of the cases were acquired overseas, and 278 were locally acquired through direct contact with someone who’s been overseas, or they’re part of a ‘known cluster’.


However, authorities are particularly concerned with the number of locally acquired cases that they can’t identify the source of – which indicates community transmission.

That number is currently at 145.

The NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has once again pleaded with people to stay at home and take care where possible to try and contain the chances of community transmission.

“It’s up to us now, to come together to do our part, and really deal with the disease at this critical stage.

“Because if we keep it contained as much as we can at this stage, we are better off in the next few weeks and months and I can’t stress that enough.

“Please heed the warnings, please don’t move around unless you absolutely have to.

“If you’re an older or more vulnerable person please don’t even leave home.

“But please know that no matter what decisions our state takes in the coming days or weeks, that you’ll always have a supermarket you can get what you need from, you’ll always have a pharmacy. You’ll always have those essential things that you need to use for your daily health.

“Please know that is never in question,” Premier Berejiklian said.

The Premiers, Chief Health Officers and the Prime Minister will meet in the National Cabinet again this morning, with rent and wages issues on the agenda, as well as further lock down measures, particularly for the hardest hit states of New South Wales and Victoria.

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