Councillors decide to remove and store the ‘Gold Coast’ light installation

Gold Coast Councillors have voted for the removal of the controversial light installation on the Northern Gold Coast.

Council’s Transport and Infrastructure Committee met today to discuss the future of the $1.3 million eye-sore.

The Committee voted in favour of spending $255,000 to remove the lights and put them in storage, until an appropriate use can be decided for them.


Further discussions will be had when Council reconvenes next week, though there is already talk of the lights being re-purposed around the coast, or even sold back to the artist.

Acting Mayor and Division 1 Councillor Donna Gates says there was a lot of frustration about the ‘entry statement’ within her division, and that locals will be very pleased to see them gone.

“There’s constant complaints about other projects that come up and whether they could have been funded for the same amount of money.

“There’s a lot of congestion in northern Gold Coast and everyone wants the roads fixed,” Ms Gates said.

The ‘Gold Coast’ light installation will soon be removed, But the ‘GC’ sign at the southern end of the coast will stay.

Together the lights cost a total of $2.1 million, an investment that Council will not likely spend again.

“We’ve always wanted to have a ‘Welcome to the Gold Coast’ entry statement, but one that was legible.

“We won’t be sending any more money that way.

“We all know the Gold Coast when we enter it, it’s beautiful and people love coming here.

“We don’t really need signage,” Ms Gates said.

When it comes to what to do with the lights next, it’s believed that the artist has a chance to buy back the installation, before it becomes Council’s decision to re-purpose them.

Despite the significant spend by Council for the installation, and now the costs to dismantle them, Councillor Pauline Young and Chair of the Committee says she doesn’t believe it was a bad decision.

“Art is subjective – it was the artist who was elected to do this within the city, and we voted on that as Councillors – the local area Councillor voted against it – and we need to respect that vote,” she said.

“They’re not supported by the community, or by a lot of residents on the Gold Coast.

“We need to listen to what our local area councillor is having to deal with on a day to day basis,” Cr Young said.

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I thought we were all about keeping jobs local. Why was the contract awarded to a NY designer anyway, with the money going overseas? Keep our local economy strong and celebrate some of our local artists. Waste of money, poor vision and an embarrassment to our city that is trying to ‘booster its local cultural and art scene’ in recent years – with the new HOTA and cultural precinct. Nationalism would have prevented the money going overseas, would have supported local jobs and would increase people’s support and pro-GC views..

lachlan duncan

how embarrassing


There needs to be an enquiry as to how the decision was made to install this ridiculous piece or ‘art’ in the first place. If a failure of this magnitude occurred in the private sector, heads would roll – people should lose their jobs over this. The total cost of running through feasibility, design, installation, removal and storage of this scrap metal should be returned back to Gold Coast ratepayers – we would get about $4 each! I’d happily spend that cash on a cup of coffee rather than looking at something every day that visually represents the muppetism of… Read more »