Flan: Cow corner at Car-rara

You know that feeling when you come up to the giant roundabout near Carrara markets and there’s 28 “carrs” in front of you and traffics at a complete and utter standstill?

I do. I also know how different it feels to look out the passenger window and see the cows that have been there for donkey’s years.

It makes me think that Cows must get the irrits at being talked about in donkeys years but let’s not get bogged down here.


It’s a free country and I don’t blame whoever owns the cows and the land they live on for attempting to do whatever they like with it. I say you can never have enough badminton centres but I’d also like to see the theme park in Katie Perry’s latest film clip built there too. Perhaps reasons why I will never be Mayor.

However, that little bit of country in the city makes me feel different. Happier somehow.

We are heading toward final approval of 1550 apartments on that site, and let me say straight up that if it happens I would love that work to go to Gold Coast tradies who right now have to drive up the M1 chasing the many dollars it takes to feed a family good Aussie beef these days.

However, there is something a bit special about that spot. Cows next to a major arterial.

I live in Mudgeeraba because it gives me that same feeling of country in the city.

EJ was telling me this morning that if this new development gets built small boats must be made available and reserves of food in case of flooding. It sounds like they’re preparing for an evacuation on the scale of Dunkirk.

We are having Gold Coast City Councillor Bob La Cowstra on the show to say why he voted against this development.

I personally think we could develop and preserve space for some cows.

Would it be too weird to have a sculptor create a herd of bronze cows to live on that paddock forever?

If we did, how long would it be before someone painted QLD on them at State of Origin time?

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