Cute alert! Rare bilby triplets, koala joeys born at Dreamworld

DREAMWORLD has welcomed the pitter patter of many tiny paws to its wildlife precinct this summer, with the birth of 10 adorable koala joeys and rare bilby triplets.

The new baby koalas are around 8-9 months old and started venturing out of their mums’ pouches about a month ago.

Dreamworld says the adorable balls of fur are enjoying “riding around on mum’s back, taking long snoozes and sampling the ample gum leaves in their purpose-built koala home”.


The Coomera theme park hosts one of the largest koala colonies in the world with a total of 61 koalas, which all play a role in the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation’s wild koala conservation initiatives.

PHOTO: Dreamworld

Guests can now get a glimpse of the cute new arrivals at the Dreamworld Corroboree.

In a rare occurrence, three female bilbies have also been born to the one mum and will become part of the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation’s collaboration with the Save the Bilby Fund’s release program into a fenced area at Curruwinya National Park.

PHOTO: Dreamworld

The 3-month-old bilby triplets have boosted Dreamworld’s bilby population to 14 in total.

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