Debate resumes on tighter DV laws for Qld

Debate resumes today on the opposition’s proposed changes to Queensland’s domestic violence laws.

The LNP wants to force people accused of domestic violence offences to prove why they should be released on bail, instead of being presumed innocent until the prosecution proves its case for them to be held in custody.

The changes were sparked by the recent death of Gold Coast mother Teresa Bradford who was killed by her estranged husband not long after he was released on bail.


Shadow Minister for Prevention of Domestic Violence Ros Bates is not confident the LNP changes will be accepted by the government.

“The Palaszczuk Labor Government has ignored and dismissed the views of victims and families who have lost loved ones to domestic violence,” Ms Bates said.

The Gold Coast MP said the proposed changes are based on laws in other states, and extensive consultation with people working in the field.

“Doing nothing is not a solution and Labor have offered nothing in the committee process to help this Bill pass,” Ms Bates said.

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