DIVISION 2: Here are your council candidates

Gold Coast’s local council elections are coming up on the 28th of March, with over 50 people gunning for seats at chambers.

Early voting is now underway, with eleven places to vote open to locals from today.

myGC is going through division by division, to give you a closer look at the candidates.


Division 2 includes the suburbs of Helensvale, Hope Island, Monterey Keys, Oxenford, Sanctuary Cove and Studio Village.

It’s currently held by William Owen-Jones, who is running as a candidate this election.

He’s one of just two candidates for the seat, with John Wayne also running.

myGC put some simple questions to both of the candidates, here’s how they responded.

William Owen Jones

A few words about yourself.

I am a degree qualified accountant, who has grown up on (and with) the Gold Coast; my wife and has lived in Helensvale and Coomera over the last 30 years. I have actively represented Division 2 for the past eight years.

Are you a member of/ or affiliated with a political party – if so, which one?

Yes, I have been a member of the LNP since 2010 (I am not an endorsed candidate).

Please list your top three policies for your division.

  • Continued investment into Community and Sporting Facilities in the North (we have current capital works projects with the Helensvale Hornets, Helensvale Seniors, Oxenford Menshed, and Coomera Hope Island cricket club).
  • CCTV cameras into the three entry points of Hope Island to assist QPS police beat.
  • Complete the installation of shade over playground equipment in our area.

Why should locals vote for you?

I have been very active in keeping local residents informed, over the last eight years as a Councillor I have endeavoured to be the voice of reason, and a reasonable voice in Council for the residents of the northern Gold Coast. I fully intend to continue to work really hard at delivering outcomes for our area during the next four years.

In your opinion, what’s the biggest issue facing the whole of the Gold Coast? And what should Council as a whole be doing about it?

With the COVID-19 being declared a pandemic, we need to be as supportive of our key tourism and education industries as much possible in the next year or so.

We need to continue to work with the State Government in improving of road transport and public transport networks.


John Wayne

A few words about yourself.

Dedicated community supporter living on the GC for several decades – small business owner, team leader, team player. Committed to seeing positive changes throughout Division 2!

Are you a member of/ or affiliated with a political party – if so, which one?

No I am not. Like most people, I believe we can relate to several policy platforms across all political Parties. Having said that, for most of my adult life I have been a more effective community advocate by not being Party aligned. Councillors need to listen to the needs of their constituents, not make decisions based on Party Policy.

Please list your top three policies for your division.

  • Infrastructure prioritised to meet the needs of a rapidly growing city, with sensible planning across all levels of Government. This would include a roads and public transport audit, especially for east and west routes.
  • Unreasonable development in an already housing and business-saturated area. The latest town plan needs to be readdressed and balance achieved for sustainable growth. We need to adequately protect our diverse business, community and natural assets, and create more value in strategic areas where they are needed.
  • Creation of new, and enhancement of existing community facilities such as parks, playgrounds and sporting clubs.

Why should locals vote for you?

I am easy to talk to, I have always had an open-door policy and I am approachable at all times. With past Council experience, a vast range of skills, and the determination to see things through for my community, I believe I can thrive in this role.

In your opinion, what’s the biggest issue facing the whole of the Gold Coast? And what should Council as a whole be doing about it?

Trust and confidence has been lost due to a combination of issues ranging from closed door meetings, redacted reports, minimal public consultation and inequitable distribution of our rate payer funding.

With 15 independent Councillors and an open-door policy of honest debate, residents will again have faith that they are being represented as they should be.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Cronyism is seeping in at all three levels of government and must be stopped.

It is good to see a couple of the 2012-elected Councillors now being vocal about issues that have concerned many of us for so long and are also being investigated. However, I wonder where their voice was in the first term?



**Note: the candidates have been listed in the order that they will appear on the ballot paper on March 28.

For more information about voting, click here.

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