DROOL! Arnott’s confirm new Tim Tam range to compliment the iconic ‘Slam’

Just when you thought the humble Tim Tam couldn’t get any better, Arnott’s have confirmed a new range to satisfy the tastebuds of sweet lovers everywhere.

The new ‘Tim Tam Slams’ range is designed specifically to compliment the snacking ritual of the Tim Tam Slam, a truly iconic Australian past time.

If you don’t know a Tim Tam Slam, it’s when you bite the diagonal corners off the biscuit, dip the bottom in a warm beverage and then sip the hot chocolate through the biscuit so it becomes a delicious straw.


Tim Tam Slams

Tim Tam Slams | PHOTOS: Arnotts.com

Arnott’s has now decided to take the process to another level by creating a range with gooey fillings to further enhance the flavour explosion.

The new range comes in three delicious flavours; Choc Malt & Sticky Caramel, Choc Hazelnut & Gooey Caramel and Dark Choc & Sticky Raspberry.

Tim Tam Slams

Tim Tam Slams | PHOTOS: Arnotts.com

“We are excited to deliver what Australians have been asking for… a Tim Tam designed specially to Slam!” Matt Grant, Arnott’s Marketing Manager, Tim Tam said.

“We have been overwhelmed with consumers who enjoy doing, sharing and teaching the Tim Tam Slam and have been calling for a Tim Tam which enhances this ultimate indulgent biscuit ritual.

“We can’t wait to see even more Aussies doing the Tim Tam Slam!”

The new range will be sold at all supermarkets across Australia.

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