Eat your way to a better figure without exercise!

Bond University is looking for Gold Coast women who want to eat their way to a better figure.

In return for taking part in a new research program, you’ll get all your meals provided free for 30 weeks, and be linked up with a support group.

Dr Hayley O’Neill says in this study, there’s no pounding the streets or hitting the gym.


“We actually don’t want them exercising, because we want to design new strategies for people to lose weight,” she said.

“We provide all meals throughout the 22 to 30 weeks and we do a number of measures to assess their health and ensure they’re losing weight.”

Play the extended interview here:

Dr. O’Neill says the three key causes of weight loss are doing the wrong kind of exercise, having a poor diet, and stress.

“The New Year is a time when people are often motivated to make changes in their lives, but often it’s difficult to stay on track and motivated,” she said.

Get in touch with Bond University on 5595 1111 for more information.

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Please let me part of this study

would love to take part in this.

Would love to try this and help

Would love to give it a go? at 55 need all the help I can get after the weight has sneeked up on me. My friend would love to do it with me…thanks heaps!

As I have trouble exercising (I tend to get dizzy) I would be very interested in this study

Hi, I would like to take part in this study. I have trouble exercising due to a bad back, and constant inflammation causing joint pain. I am 43years old and have put on 10kg over the last 2 years and my weight is gradually rising. I also have high cholesterol which needs attention. Thank you 🙂