Emergency services levy to be added onto Council rates across the Tweed

RESIDENTS across the Tweed will soon have a new emergency services levy added to their Council rates notices.

The NSW Government will abolish the current Emergency Services Levy (ESL) on insurance policies from July 1 and replace it with a Fire and Emergency Services Levy (FESL) to be paid alongside Council rates.

The reform, which has been under review since the start of the year, means the burden of funding emergency services will no longer fall only on those with property insurance, but all landowners.


The new levy – a State Government charge, not a Council increase in rates – will appear on Tweed Shire Council property owner rates notices as a separate item.

The revenue raised from the FESL will be directed by the State Government to the NSW State Emergency Service, NSW Rural Fire Service and NSW Fire and Rescue.

Residents will be given the option to pay the FESL annually or quarterly, like Council rates.

The amount paid will, in part, depend on a resident’s property classification, be it residential, farmland, industrial, commercial or public benefit, and whether or not the land is vacant.

Council is writing to all property owners to advise of their classification and information on the new FESL will be distributed in land valuation letters.

For further details about FESL, please visit fesl.nsw.gov.au or the FESL information line on 1300 787 872.

If you disagree with your property’s classification, you can request a review by completing this form:

Alternatively, for more information, you can visit the Emergency Services Levy Insurance Monitor website or alternatively you can phone on 1300 607 723.

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