Estranged husband accused of killing three bystanders

THREE people have died and dozens more have been injured, after a man allegedly ploughed his four-wheel drive into a crowded city centre in Austria.

It’s believed the 26-year-old was distraught over personal issues, with Police confirming he had a domestic violence report filed against him last month and a restraining order against going to the home of his wife and two children.

He was arrested and is expected to undergo a psychological assesment.


Along with the three fatalities, 34 people have been injured, six are in a critical condition including two children.

About 60 ambulance vans as well as four helicopters rushed to the scene, in the city of Graz, to treat the victims and transport them to hospital.

Distraught locals have already started a memorial at the site, including floral bouquets and candles.

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