Extra koala habitat part of vision to protect our native marsupials

AS RESIDENTIAL and commercial development forces them out of their homes, the Queensland Government is making inroads on helping protect the state’s koala population.

An extra 190,000 hectares of koala habitat has been added to essential habitat mapping, following recommendations from the Koala Expert Panel.

The extra koala habitat has been added to the Essential Habitat tool under the Vegetation Management mapping.


“The science tells us that the biggest threat to Queensland’s koala population is the loss of habitat, and that is why we are taking action,” Minister for Environment Leeanne Enoch said in a statement.

“This new mapping incorporates the best available data and uses improved modelling techniques to help us identify and protect important koala habitat,” Ms Enoch added.

“Our Government is also working to identify priority areas for koala protection based on the updated koala habitat mapping.”

The newly appointed Koala Council will be briefed on the next steps of the Koala Conservation Strategy when it meets on 13 December.

You can click here to learn more about koala conservation in Queensland.

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