Fearful Manus Island detainees refusing to leave closed compound

There are growing calls for the Federal Government to step in to help de-escalate tensions and ensure the safety of detainees at the now-closed Manus Island detention centre.

Electricity has been cut to half of the buildings after Australia’s offshore immigration centre in Papua New Guinea was officially closed on Tuesday.

More than 600 refugees and asylum seekers are refusing to leave for fear they won’t be safe at three other facilities dotted around the island’s main town of Lorengau, where they are meant to relocate.


There are also reports of locals blocking the construction of the new accommodation.

The last food packs were handed out on Sunday night, and there is little water available.

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David L

These illegals will do and say anything to get into the Social Security blessed Australian mainland. But now that ISIS is just about finished in Syria, why are they not returning home. And all other nationalities sent back to their countries.