Flan: How I met cricket legend Sir Vivian Richards

I’m going to talk more in the next little while about making 20/20 cricket a Commonwealth Games sport and thanks to Jupiter’s Casino I’m going to put that question to the great West Indian batsman, Sir Viv Richards in the very near future.

I met Viv Richards when I was a kid thanks to a competition run by the Australian Women’s weekly. I went to a training camp where the newly minted World Series Cricketers taught a few hundred Aussie kids how to play my favourite sport.

I had the finer points of batting shown to me by my favourite batsman ever, Sir Viv.


My bum could have fallen off and it wouldn’t have distracted me from what Viv was saying then and now when he commentates on 20/20 cricket.

My bowling tutor was also my favourite bowler in the world, Michael “Whispering death” Holding. Also, a man whose cricket commentary I have soaked up since like I’m listening to Gandolf.

My wicket-keeping coach at that training camp was Rod Marsh who up until recently was the head of the Australian cricket selection panel.

Old Iron gloves taught me how to drop catches behind the stumps brilliantly. He was the man who lay down on the grenade that was the Hobart cricket Test. I’ll forever admire that bloke for that and if I ever get to interview the champ I’m going to ask him to take the blame for how bad I turned out too.

My teammates in my indoor cricket team would say “what an unholy waste of information that coaching was” I would simply say to that “Well call me Sean Marsh-mellow” but it lit a cricket blaze in me that you’d need a squadron of elvis firefighting helicopters to put out.

As I said, I’m going to ask the great man “Can 20/20 cricket become a brilliant Commonwealth Games Sport and I will faithfully report Sir Viv’s answer on 1029 Hot tomato.

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