Flan: Support Kell’s Ride for the Future

Don’t blame me. Blame my kid’s kindy teacher for EJ’s accordion.

My kid’s beloved kindy teacher, Kerrie Larda, gave me two button accordians because she heard Emily Jade talking about them on 1029 Hot tomato.

One of them is beautiful. To look at. I thought I’d wait till EJ had a rough day and drop it on her then.


EJ wouldn’t stop playing it so “with Christo” dared her to play it in public. Well, of course the good egg accepted the challenge.

In order to get around the required 3 month busker’s licence, EJ played on private property at the invitation of The Pantry Café Burleigh who I’m sure are very nice and a little hard of hearing.

While EJ committed cold blooded yet well intentioned musical murder, a bloke came up to me and asked for a minute of my time.

His name is Greg Kelly. Greg has early onset dementia and it will take his life. I was truly struck by this bloke.

I played his story on the radio this morning and when I went to the servo on the way home, the owners of BP Southport, offered me $200 to fill Greg’s first tank of petrol.

Have a listen below and as proof that this took place as I say it did, you can hear EJ’s sonic crime scene in the background;

Now that you know Greg Kelly and that he’s trying to raise money for those that help dementia patients and shine a light on the plight, can I ask you to put a bit of gas in his tank?

Here’s a link to Greg’s Facebook page: Facebook.com/KellsRide/ and his Go Fund Me page if you would like to donate: GoFundMe.com/kells-ride-for-the-future.

Thanks. There’ll be a bit more to this story. Keep your eye out.


P.S. I said I’d let you know what Viv Richards thought about the question “Would 20/20 cricket make a great Commonwealth Games sport?” The greatest Batsman I have ever seen said “Yeah.”

P.S.S.S. So Just call me Scoopy McScooperton.

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