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Flan’s poll: Hoons in tinnies

Do you reckon that hoons in tinnies on our waterways speeding near swimming enclosures full of kids should get their tinny taken away from them and given to me?

I do.

This particular tinny had no sun shade on it but they’re not that dear. If I had this boat I’d love it more than the hoons.


I’d certainly be more responsible than the clowns in this boat last Sunday and I’d make sure I didn’t exceed 6 knots near people.

I’ve wanted one since I was a kid. The kids on the TV show flipper had one and I wanted to be them.

Please vote to impound their tinny and give it to me.

I’d be a responsible skipper on the waterways and I’d clean out the hoons cages everyday…. I promise.

Last weekend I was dead-set scared for a bunch of people in the swimming enclosure and the surrounding bay at Tallebudgera as three young blokes skylarked, mugged laired, showponied and loudly hooned around and around endangering people trying to have a quiet family Sunday arvo swim.

They were also doing the boat equivalent of a wheelie/mono and genuinely frightening everyone.

I’ll never be prouder of my mate, Al, for walking down to the water’s edge and giving them a good old fashioned kiwi gobful. Two words.

Un and printable.

Onya Al.

Many people on the shore went up to Al and commended him for telling the aquahoons which direction they should navigate.

So, question of the day….should aquahoons have their tinnies impounded and given to people who have passed their skipper’s licence and have no recorded misdeameanors on our waterways?

Or should their tinnies be crushed into cubes and use them as bbq tables in gold coast parks?

Or maybe you have a better option.

Love to hear about it. Maybe Al deserves it more than me.

If you take part in Flan’s poll you’ll go in the draw to be on the short list to play off for the chance to toss for a double pass to the movies … hell, you may even win an aluminium coffee table.

Maybe one day.

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