Flood Watch issued for Gold Coast ahead of forecast heavy rain

A flood watch has been issued for most of the southeast, including the Gold Coast, with some heavy rain expected from Wednesday.

The flood watch from the Bureau of Meteorology extends from Maryborough to the New South Wales border with BOM warning of the possibility of minor flooding.

The Sunshine Coast is expected to cop the brunt of the rainfall over the next few days, but the Gold Coast will also get its fair share.


Up to 50 millimetres is forecast to fall across the city on Wednesday with showers, rain and thunderstorms predicted.

The unsettled weather is set to continue into next week with more heavy falls expected on Sunday and Monday.

The flood watch covers all Gold Coast rivers and creeks as well as the Logan and Albert Rivers. 

Mark Kelly, SES Area Controller for South-Eastern Region says localised flooding in low-lying areas of the Gold Coast is highly possible.

“The thunderstorm cells that will be coming through will come through fairly quickly they believe but they have the potential to dump a lot of rain,” Mr Kelly said.

The SES is urging residents to prepare their properties, especially if there is still debris from recent downpours.

“Any loose items that could potentially become missiles or that could damage property or get blown around, also clean your gutters if you haven’t already to make sure the water flows down your gutters and not into your house,” Mr Kelly said.

People are being urged to use commonsense if flooding does occur.

“If there is floodwaters, please don’t drive into them – if it’s flooded forget it.”


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