Fox traps to be set up across Fingal Head this week

Locals and tourists are being warned that traps are being set up in bushland at Fingal Head this week in a bid to reduce the overall fox population in the area.

Soft-jaw trapping will be undertaken from today through to Friday 20 March, however council says dates could be extended if too few foxes are caught.

The trapping is being conducted to protect native wildlife including threatened birds such as Pied Oyster-catchers and Beach Stone-curlews.


Council’s Program Leader Pest Management Wildlife Protection, Pamela Gray says it is critical that the community heed the warnings and look out for signage.

“Access to the trapping site is prohibited to everyone, except staff involved in the trapping. Please ensure that you and your pets do not enter these areas,” she said.

“Signage is in place at all entrances to the trapping site and won’t be removed until the trapping has finished.”

Soft-jaw traps have coil springs that hold animals once trapped.

“We need to carry out these works as foxes pose a significant threat to native wildlife, domestic pets and livestock,” Ms Gray said.

PHOTO: Supplied | Location of fox trapping area at Fingal Head.

Traps will be covered (inactive) over the weekends and tracks leading to each of the trapping areas (pictured in the image above) are clearly signposted.

“It is the responsibility of individuals to keep themselves, their children and their pets out of the trapping areas.”

If any domestic pets are caught in the traps they will be taken to Council’s interim animal holding facility, however there are fees associated with the retrieval of registered domestic pets.

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