GC ELECTION | Mayoral hopeful Mona Hecke “gobsmacked” after poll thrashing

UPDATE @ 12.00PM | Mayoral candidate Mona Hecke says she is “surprised and gobsmacked” at the results of the election, and thought it would be a whole lot closer.

But she says she hasn’t given up hope completely just yet, despite Tom Tate being on his way to a third term.

The latest figures show Mr Tate is hanging onto his strong lead with 55.26 per cent of the vote with Ms Hecke his nearest rival on 23.26 per cent.


Almost 29 per cent of the mayoral vote has now been counted with no change in the trend.

“It has been staggering, that’s an understatement, to see some of the percentages coming through,” Ms Hecke said in a video on Facebook.

“I was obviously as surprised as the rest of you, I am gobsmacked by some people’s thought processes and their voting preferences is really interesting.

Ms Hecke says she would continue to monitor the count and would wait for pre-poll and postal votes.

“Disappointing, staggering, extraordinary, there’s lots of great descriptive words I could use.

Hopefully that will improve a bit, but I would have liked to have thought it would be a closer race than it is.”

Meantime more figures have been coming in from the city’s 14 divisions.

Mark Hammel has maintained his solid lead in Division 1 and remains on track to become one of four new councillors.

William Owen-Jones has increased his lead in Division 2 but there’s still only 7 per cent of the vote counted there.

Donna Gates can put her feet up in Division 3 where she is currently polling over 77 per cent of the vote.

In Division Four, Cameron Caldwell remains in front of fellow Councillor Kristyn Boulton, whose time at City Hall looks like it could be up.

We’ve finally started seeing some results for Division 6 where Brooke Paterson is on track to succeed the retiring Dawn Crichlow.

Ms Patterson is currently tracking at around 40 per cent of the vote.

Ryan Bayldon-Lumsden is also set to become a new face in council chambers with a strong showing in Division 7 where has almost 60 per cent of the vote so far.

Bob La Castra and Glenn Tozer will be returned in Divisions 8 and 9 respectively.

The battle for the new Super Division 10 has tightened with Darren Taylor and Eddy Saroff neck-and-neck.

At last check, the pair was separated by just eight votes.

We’ve also got the first numbers in for Division 11 where Hermann Vorster can put the glasses down already.

Pauline Young and Daphne McDonald have maintained their leads in Divisions 12 and 13 respectively while Gail O’Neill will be returned in Division 14.

For the full updated results, scroll to the bottom of this page.


EARLIER @ 6.00AM | It’s likely be several days before we know the make up of the next Gold Coast Council with technical problems plaguing the vote count.

Official counting will get underway on Sunday morning, but results of preliminary counting on Saturday night were stalled, leaving candidates and voters frustrated.

A number of Gold Coast divisions only have results for a handful of votes, while some divisions are yet to see any results published at all.

In the main race for Mayor, Tom Tate is trending towards a third term in the city’s top job.

With almost 19 per cent of the vote counted, Mr Tate is polling 54.7 per cent of the vote, with his nearest rival Mona Hecke on 21.59 per cent.

Mr Tate admits it will be some time before we have a definitive result, but the signs were good.

“It’s too early to call given the percentage of votes counted. That said, I’m delighted to have 54pc of the primary vote so far,” Mr Tate told myGC.

“I have always said the Gold Coast comes before politics. I love this city, the people and our have-a-go-spirit.

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Mark Hammel is the front runner to be the new representative in Division 1, holding a strong early lead with 23.28 per cent of the vote counted.

Mr Hammel has 43.45 per cent of the first preference vote with Renee Clarke currently in second place with 30.37 per cent.

William Owen-Jones has improved his lead over John Wayne in Division 2, holding just under 57 per cent of the vote with almost 16 per cent counted.

Deputy Mayor Donna Gates will romp home in her new Division 3.

She’s sitting on 77.59 per cent of the vote with just under 18 per cent counted.

Division 4 saw two current councillors going head-to-head with Cameron Caldwell up against Kristyn Boulton.

With just over 14 per cent of the vote counted there, Mr Caldwell holds 54.37 per cent of the vote against Ms Boulton’s 45.63 per cent.

Only a handful of votes have been counted in Division 8 with Bob La Castra opening up a very early lead with 55.56 per cent of the vote.

There’s also only been a very small vote count in Division 9 where incumbent Glenn Tozer has a very early lead on 64.01 per cent.

It’s set to be a photo finish in Division 10 with the leading candidates neck-and-neck in the new Super Division.

With almost 14 per cent of the vote counted, Darren Taylor has 24.02 per cent of the vote, with former Councillor Eddy Saroff on 22.35 per cent.

Former Surfers Paradise Alliance boss Mike Winlaw is also polling strongly on 18.25 per cent with radio broadcaster Adrian “AJ” Johnston not far behind on 17.15 per cent.

In Division 12, Pauline Young has a strong early lead on 44.65 per cent of the vote with 15.34 per cent counted, with her nearest rival Cathy Osborne on 25.47 per cent.

The early signs are good for veteran councillor Daphne McDonald in the hotly-contested Division 13.

With almost 18 per cent of the vote counted, Ms McDonald is on 44.1 per cent with Katrina Beikoff running in second on 28.17 per cent.

Gail O’Neill is in a strong position to be returned in Division 14 where 16.7 per cent of the vote has been counted.

Ms O’Neill is currently poling 62.59 per cent of the vote compared to Gloria Baker on 37.41 per cent.

No results have yet been published for Divisions 6, 7 or 11 while Peter Young was re-elected unopposed in Division 5.

Full list of results as at midday Sunday as published by the ECQ:


Virginia Freebody – 6674 (6.49%)

Mona Hecke – 23,900 (23.26%)

Kris Bourbon – 3775 (3.67%)

Gary Pead – 2863 (2.79%)

Brett Lambert – 6779 (6.60%)

Derek Rosborough – 928 (0.90%)

Suphakan Somsriruen – 1057 (1.03%)

Tom Tate – 56,796 (55.26%)

Informal Votes – 8812 (7.90%%)

Votes counted – 111,584 (28.77%)

Division 1

Alec Pokarier – 689 (11.93%)

Renee Clarke – 1745 (30.21%)

Mark Hammel – 2511 (43.47%)

Andrew Stimson – 386 (6.68%)

Pat Reynolds – 446 (7.72%)

Informal Votes – 610 (9.55%)

Votes counted – 6,387 (23.56%)

Division 2

William Owen-Jones* – 2401 (56.94%)

John Wayne – 1816 (43.06%)

Votes counted – 4543 (15.80%)

Informal Votes – 326 (7.18%)

Division 3

Donna Gates -4597  (77.12%)

Wayne Purcell – 1364 (22.88)

Informal Votes – 567 (8.69%)

Votes Counted – 6528  (24.05%)

Division 4

Cameron Caldwell – 1986 (54.37%)

Kristyn Boulton* – 1667 (45.63%)

Informal Votes – 324 (8.15%)

Votes Counted – 3977 (14.31%)

Division 5

Peter Young elected unopposed.

Division 6

Shaelee Welchman – 848 (23.45%)

Michael Pulford – 586 (16.21%)

Brooke Patterson – 1458 (40.32%)

Josephine Tobias – 221 (6.11%)

Susie Gallagher – 503 (13.91%)

Informal Votes – 334 (8.46%)

Votes Counted – 3950 (15.25%)

Division 7

Ryan Bayldon-Lumsden – 3201 (59.98%)

Andre Saint-Four – 250 (4.68%)

Tony Melia – 511 (9.57%)

Wendy Coe – 770 (14.43%)

Amin Javanmard – 605 (11.34%)

Informal Votes – 580 (9.80%)

Votes Counted – 5917 (20.17%)

Division 8

Joshua Smith – 1053  (31.11%)

Matthew Armstrong – 714(21.09%)

Bob La Castra* – 1618 (47.80%))

Informal Votes – 318 (8.59%)

Votes Counted – 3703

Division 9

David Guimaraes – 193 (4.47%)

Mary-Anne Hossack – 976 (22.62%)

Glenn Tozer* – 2537 (58.81%)

Keith Douglas – 608 (14.09%)

Informal Votes – 371 (7.92%)

Votes Counted – 4685

Division 10 

Adrian Johnston – 788 (17.45%)

Mike Winlaw – 837 (18.53%)

Darren Taylor – 1069 (23.67%)

Rowan Joel Panozzo – 340 (7.53%)

Seema Chauhan – 254 (5.62%)

Eddy Sarroff – 1061 (23.49%)

Stephen Cornelius – 168 (3.72%)

Informal Votes – 429 (9.22%)

Votes Counted – 4946 (13.92%)

Division 11

Hermann Vorster* – 3739 (72.28%)

Chantal Clarke – 1434 (27.72%)

Informal Votes – 460

Votes Counted – 5633 (20.02%)

Division 12 

Pauline Young* – 1790 (44.11%)

Cathy Osborne – 1049 (25.85%)

Zac Revere – 546 (13.45%)

Scott Turner – 673 (16.58%)

Informal Votes – 452 (10.02%)

Votes Counted – 4510 (16.51%)

Division 13

Scott Wallace – 752 (15.91%)

Daphne McDonald* – 2089 (44.18%)

Bern Young – 562 (11.89%)

Katrina Beikoff – 1325 (28.02%)

Informal Votes – 403 (7.85%)

Votes Counted – 5131 (18.75%)

Division 14

Gail O’Neill* – 2816 (62.65%)

Gloria Baker – 1679 (37.35%)

Informal Votes – 545 (10.81%)

Votes Counted – 5040 (18.54%%)

Source – ECQ


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Peter Q
Peter Q

What is most surprising is that Hecke is actually surprised. That in itself is good enough reason not to have her anywhere near council or any position of influence.

It was clear as day that no new candidate had a snowball’s chance in hell in this election against Tom Tate or any encumbent.
Its a bit like the rush on gold and USD. In tough times people always go for what they know.
If Hecke doesnt even know that she is not the person for the job.

Mark B
Mark B

“I was obviously as surprised as the rest of you, I am gobsmacked by some people’s thought processes…”. Well obviously the majority of voters don’t share Mona’s view. As Hillary Clinton found out, when politicians insult the intelligence of opposition party voters who exercise their democratic right to choose who they vote for, those same politicians will be alienated. Bees are attracted to honey, not vinegar.

Jillianne Rixon
Jillianne Rixon

Mona Hecke you have my vote…we need a change on the GC someone with integrity & a honest community dignity in working for the people & not for themselves.
Time to return to good honest Aussie values!!