GC Uncovered: Meet Aaron West & the Custodians

PHOTO: Aaron West & The Custodians / www.aaronwest.com.au/the-custodians
GC Uncovered: Meet Aaron West & the Custodians

Brought together by their shared passion for the great black American music of the mid-20th Century, Aaron West & the Custodians are comprised of some of Australia’s finest session musicians.

Speaking to 1029 Hot Tomato Pete ‘Scoot’ Carter on GC Uncovered tonight, Aaron said: “We are all freelance musicians, so we all make a living playing with other people, but we came together for this project because the four of us have a love of similar music – old school soul music,” he said.

Aaron said the band draws on inspiration from the greatest artists in soul, rhythm & blues, jazz, gospel, and funk create their own songs.


Check out Aaron West & the Custodians performing live in 1029 Hot Tomato studio in the video below:

For more information and to hear more songs from Aaron West & the Custodians, visit: facebook.com/aaronwestandthecustodians/ or aaronwest.com.au/the-custodians/




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