GC Uncovered: Meet Pluvio

GC Uncovered: Meet Pluvio
Lead singers Eden and Enya | PHOTO: artistecard.com/pluvioband / Alycia Angel Photography Facebook

Lead singers Eden and Enya | PHOTO: artistecard.com/pluvioband / Alycia Angel Photography

A South-East Queensland band is making waves in the music scene.

Four Piece electro rock band Pluvio performed one of their original tracks live on 1029 Hot Tomato’s GC Uncovered tonight, after having a chat with Pete ‘Scoot’ Carter.

The local band are often compared to Florence and The Machine, with female vocalists Enya Angel and Eden Young delivering superb vocals not only on the band’s self-titled  EP, but also when they perform live.


Check them out performing live in the video below:

Pluvio’s debut EP has been described as “a melodious modulation that drifts in slowly like a summer storm” and is available on iTunes , Spotify, Amazon, and GooglePlay now. For more on Pluvio, visit: https://www.facebook.com/PluvioBand/

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