Co-Commissioned By Bleach* Festival, Festival 2018 And City Of Gold Coast. Produced By Bleach* Festival

Ten everyday Gold Coasters, each with extraordinary ways of expressing themselves through dance, are matched with two choreographers and an ensemble of hundreds of community dancers. Together they will create ten of the newest dance sensations which say to the world, “We are the everyday people of the Gold Coast and yes, we dance!”

Yes, We Dance! is a genuine shout out to what it means to truly be free in your body, totally immersed in the movement and the moment.

Created by Gold Coast company Everybody NOW! and produced by Bleach* Festival, Yes, We Dance! is a joyous participatory performance experience. Lose yourself in this humorous, revealing, uplifting and ecstatic dancing party as your neighbour, bricklayer, barista and local school teacher become dancing greats. You’ll find yourself hollering with delight and pride, ‘These are my people and this is our dance!’


Company: Everybody NOW! | Creative Producer: Kate McDonald | Director & Emcee: Ian Pidd | Choreographer & Lead Dancer: Bec Reid | Choreographer & Lead Dancer: Luke Smiles | Musical Direction, Composition and Live Band: Luke McDonald, Tim Morrissey, Scott Bromiley and Peter Bernoth, of the John Steel Singers | Dance Ensemble Leaders: Alicia Min-Harvey, Ashleigh White, Travers Ross | Art Direction: Michelle Xen | Lighting Designer: Dan Black | Photography & Film: Claudio Kirac

Thank you to all the fantastic community participants at the heart of this project.


6:00pm – 7:00pm



12 April 2018 - 15 April 2018


Festival 2018 Roundabout Stage


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