Gold Coast jobs on the line as next big movie battle begins

Hundreds of potential Gold Coast jobs are at risk if the federal government doesn’t come to the party for the Gold Coast’s next big movie project, the Premier has warned.

Following the most recent fight to get Dora the Explorer down under, it’s understood the state government is at the federal government’s feet again begging to bring another major film our way.

The state government has already provided funding for the project under its Production Attraction Incentive, but it’s not necessarily enough for the Gold Coast to compete with the international market.


The Premier has confirmed she’s written to the Prime Minister for help, to sign off on lifting the tax offset which would increase our chances.

There are no official figures as to how much the project could bring in for the project, though it would undoubtedly create hundreds of jobs for locals, and provide a significant boost to the local economy.

Annastacia Palaszcuk has remained tight-lipped about exactly which project is looking to film in the southeast, but says the federal government isn’t coming to the table.

“There is a golden opportunity here, to have another premier film being located her on the Gold Coast, we have pout in our share, and the federal government is refusing to put in their share,” Premier Palaszcuk told state parliament this morning.

Meantime, Mayor Tate has backed the Premier’s calls to bring the movie our way, and may have already given away the project ahead of time.

“She’s a great champion of the film industry, she’s done tremendously well with Thor… and Dora… I think she’ll be just as successful.

“The only thing there, is I see this federal government has gone tighter in the film incentives section and I hope we can still win the major features for Australia, or Canada will take it because they’re more competitive right now.

“So advocacy to the federal government – if it’s not broken, leave it alone,” Mayor Tate said.

The Mayor goes on to say that these projects are a huge deal for the Gold Coast, and bring plenty of jobs and a good injection into the local economy.

“You give the tax incentive away, and this comes and creates jobs.

“But its not just actors and behind-the-cameras and organisers.

“It’s all the prop makers, the sandwich makers, the investment returns ten-fold,” Mayor Tate said.

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