Gold Coast MP criticises PM over ‘inappropriate’ bushfire response ad

Gold Coast MP Angie Bell has admitted it’s been a turbulent time for Prime Minister Scott Morrison, as he deals with the country’s ‘unprecedented’ bushfire crisis.

The Prime Minister’s been in the spotlight for weeks now, criticised for how he’s dealt with unfolding situations.

Between jet-setting off to Hawaii for a family holiday while a state of emergency was declared in New South Wales, and distributing a video essentially advertising the government’s response, his leadership hasn’t been particularly well received by the Australian public.


Member for Moncrieff Angie Bell has this morning admitted some things could have been done better.

In an interview with local Gold Coast radio station, 1029 Hot Tomato, she said there are bound to be errors while responding to an unprecedented crisis.

“I think the response has been quite good from the Prime Minister, there were some errors made in the early days but he’s addressed those,” she said.

Asked in particular about the bushfire ‘ad’ video that was put out, Ms Bell admits she didn’t quite agree with it.

“I think it was probably inappropriate and it wasn’t something we shared.

“But I think his marketing team and his media team were doing what they’ve always done, which is to have a sort of movie-style, infomercial sort of thing.

“And they’ve been doing that for quite some time… so I think he’s team has continued down that path,” Ms Bell said.

After she was hi-fived for her ‘honest response’ by new breakfast host Paul ‘Galey’ Gale, she was asked what the Prime Minister is really like.

“He is a man who cares deeply about his country, about his family.

“I do support the Prime Minister, he’s doing a great job. He’s very inclusive, he’s a terrific leader and I think his heart is in the right place,” she said.

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