Gold Coast on Migaloo watch

GOLD Coasters are grabbing their binoculars, with Australia’s favourite white whale expected to pass by today or tomorrow.

Migaloo was spotted north of Sydney during the week as part of humpback whale migration season.

Seaworld’s Marine expert Trevor Long has told Channel Seven excited locals and tourists are boarding whale watching boats today in the hope of sighting the rare mammal.


“The Seaworld Whale Watch gets a lot more people when Migaloo is in the area and in the past couple of years we’ve been fortunate to see him,” Mr Long said.

“There are two (white whales) on the east coast in Australia. Migaloo was first spotted around 1994 and is thought to be around 30 years of age now,” he explained.

Each year between May and November, whales make their way north to mate and give birth in the tropics.

“Whale watching on the east coast of Australia has become a big business. It’s a part of tourism and a wonderful thing for people to do.”

“If they get a beautiful day at sea and they get to see these beautiful majestic animals it really is a great way to spend a day.”

Local boaties are being reminded to keep a safe distance from Migaloo if they do see him in the coming days.

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