Gold Coast topped SE Qld with rainfall totals overnight

It’s been another heavy night of rain for the Gold Coast, though we’re not done with the showers just yet.

Parts of the coast enjoyed over 100 millimetres of rain over the last 24 hours, with Coolangatta the best in the region at 180 millimetres.

Lauren Pattie from the Bureau of Meteorology told myGC that a severe weather warning was in place overnight due to the heavy rainfall.


“Pretty much the entire coastal strip picked up over 100 millimetres, if you go a little bit further inland towards the hinterland the rainfall amounts drop a little bit.

“But we’re still talking between about 50 and 80 millimetres for the inland parts and the hinterland there.

“So yesterday afternoon was when it started, and then it picked up as we went into the evening.

“After about midnight we saw the rainfall amounts ease back a little bit, so since midnight we saw a gradual easing and so we were able to cancel that warning during the early hours of this morning,” Ms Pattie said.

Though we’re not on the other side of the wet weather just yet, with a few more days still to come.

Ms Pattie says today is still expected to be the worst day, despite a massive rain cloud moving slightly off shore this morning.

“There are more showers and storms developing today, so it’s another showery day around the coast.

“Also some storms as well about the place.

“We do expect the more intense falls to not become so widespread, they’ll become a little bit more isolated.

“So not everyone will see those heavier totals, they’ll become a little bit more isolated throughout today.

“Today we’re expecting to see the most amount of rain, it’s a gradual easing as we go into next week.

“So there’s still a very showery day for Monday and Tuesday.

“By the time we get to the middle and latter part of the week we’ll start to see those showers ease back a little bit, so they’ll still be around but it’s not until next Friday really that we’ll start to see a little bit more of those sunny skies,” Ms Pattie said.

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