Gold Coast’s Kirra Boardwalk to undergo major revamp

The popular Kirra Boardwalk will be closed to the public from May as it undergoes major upgrade works.

It comes after Acting Mayor Donna Gates said the existing wooden boardwalk had reached the end of its design life and was no longer fit for its purpose as a high-use public structure.

“The project will ensure the ongoing structural integrity and durability of the popular Kirra Boardwalk,” Ms Gates said.


“It is 173m in length and runs parallel with Marine Parade. This area is an integral part of the iconic Coolangatta beach esplanade.”

Built in 2001, the boardwalk is 1.8m wide and separates Kirra Beach and Marine Esplanade.

It’s understood the project will involve the removal of the existing boardwalk and sub structure to make way for the installation of the new boardwalk.

Ms Gates said the project is currently out for tender, with council “waiting to see what comes from that” in terms of what materials will be used.

“We’ll wait and see but it might not be 100% timber, it may be a mixture of concrete and timber, it just depends on what comes from the tenders,” she said.

Construction is expected to start in May, with a pedestrian detour to be put in place along Marine Parade.

“It may take up to six months so we ask all residents and visitors to be patient,” Ms Gates said.

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How absolutely ridiculous is some of the information from Acting Mayor Donna Gates. ‘The boardwalk ended its design life years ago’ and is ‘no longer fit for its purpose’, why? BECAUSE IT’S MADE OF TIMBER THAT HAS ROTTED WITH THE INGRESS OF MOISTURE. What are you going to replace it with, TIMBER, or concrete and TIMBER!!! The boardwalk ‘hasn’t been fit for purpose for years’ and the Council has wasted heaps of money on maintaining it. The boards rot and the Council replaces them. As the timber shrinks when dry, the screw heads protrude upwards, the Council fixes them. The brown timber is TOO HOT for boardriders and beachgoers in bare feet, to walk on anyway. Acting Mayor Gates, you advise us that, ‘the project is out for tender’, ‘lets wait and see what comes from that’ and ‘what materials will be used’. ‘It just depends what comes from the tenders’. Acting Mayor, hasn’t the Council thought to tell those tendering what YOU WANT? It looks like you haven’t told them, THAT TIMBER ROTS NEAR THE BEACH. I’ve done ONE Google search and found a company Deck Max, that has worked for other Councils installing Composite Decking. It’s ‘double capped, has a hidden fastening system and without nails or screws’. The decking can come in lighter colours that you CAN WALK ON in the sun also. Have you not asked your tender companies if they know of a material other then TIMBER for the decking and if it can come in a lighter colour? If not, why not? Kelvin Mills, North Kirra.