I don’t like you just because I LIKE you on Facebook

ONE of the most frustrating issues with Facebook is when you want to access some pages – like those belonging to political parties – you have to click ‘like’.

You are then tormented by statements such as ‘Queensland Labor – You like this’.

No I don’t.


The Meddler has no particular feelings for the ALP or the LNP.

Or PUP, KAP or POO, for that matter.

I may have made POO up – but wouldn’t it be a wonderful name for a political party?

These defamatory statements that you like a political party follow you around the internet.

It reminds me of the unkind chants of primary school ‘frenemies’: ‘You like Jimmy McDougal, you like Jimmy McDougal’.

I did not like Jimmy McDougal!

I saw him eat snails once.

But I digress.

I popped onto Queensland Labor’s website to check out their new candidates and was again unfairly accused: ‘You and 5081 others like Queensland Labor’.


Then I saw it. A huge headline: ‘Join Labor for only $5. Click here.

Bless them for trying to get people involved but 5 bucks?

That’s just embarrassing.

They’ll be asking for gold coin donations next.

The membership form is very interesting, asking lots of personal questions including how much you make.


By the way, one of their new candidates is Adam Obeid running in Mansfield.

Apparently he is no relation to the Obeids who have had a starring role at NSW’s ICAC inquiry.

But wouldn’t you change your name?

I then popped over to the LNP’s website – because I am bipartisan like that – and found they are running their very own Art Union.

Are they even allowed to do that?

So if you want to win your very own BMW or a motorbike all you have to do is buy a ticket for ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS.

That is correct, $100 for just one ticket.

So Labor is giving away memberships for $5 while the LNP is selling raffle tickets for $100 each.

Interestingly, a section with a promising title of ‘LNP Women’ is illustrated with a photograph of Tony Abbott and his adoring wife and daughters.

Says it all really.

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