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Investigation into suspected murder of Grafton teacher deepens

Investigation into suspected murder of Grafton teacher deepens

Police have released new information as part of the ongoing investigation into the disappearance and suspected murder of Grafton school teacher Sharon Edwards one year ago.

Ms Edwards, a 55-year-old mother, grandmother and dedicated teacher at a local school, was reported missing on Tuesday 17 March 2015.

Detectives have confirmed Mrs Edwards was last seen by her husband about 10.30pm on Saturday 14 March 2015, when she arrived at her home on Riverdale Court, Grafton, following dinner at a local pub with friends.


Mrs Edwards was due to teach classes the following Monday, 16 March 2015, but failed to attend.

Strike Force Burrow was formed to investigate her disappearance.

Detective Inspector Darren Jameson, said despite extensive investigations, Mrs Edwards has not been located.

“Detectives have been working tirelessly to locate Mrs Edwards, and with the evidence at hand and knowing there has been no contact in 12 months, we believe she may have met with foul play,” Det Insp Jameson said.

“We have received incredible support from the community and we have followed a number of lines of inquiry; however, we have not been able to locate Mrs Edwards, or her handbag and mobile phone.

“Her mobile phone is a key element in our investigation and we are analysing forensic data from mobile service providers.”

Following preliminary forensic examination of her mobile phone transmission data, it appears her phone signal has migrated from Grafton, moving north to the Lawrence area.

The last signal transmission from her mobile phone was in this area in the early hours of Sunday 15 March 2015.

Detectives are continuing their analysis of this data, as well as that of other mobile services which may have communicated with her phone during this time.

“We are particularly keen to speak with anyone who may have been travelling between Grafton and Lawrence late on the Saturday night or early Sunday morning,” Det Insp Jameson said.

“During initial searches, Mrs Edwards’ car was found in her garage in Grafton, so if she was in possession of her mobile phone, and travelled north to Lawrence, someone might be able to help us work out how she got there.

“This is a tight-knit community, so if anyone saw anything unusual that night, we’d love to hear from them,” Det Insp Jameson said.

Ms Edwards estranged husband has been named as a suspect.

“Mr Edwards’s status in this investigation is of significant interest to us, particularly his movements of the morning,” Det Insp Jameson told reporters in Sydney on Friday.

“Yes, Mr Edwards is a suspect.”

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