Leaked: Secret dossier on West Coast Eagles drug scandal.

The AFL dossier on the West Coast Eagles drugs scandal,  which has been kept secret for the past 9 years,  has been leaked.

News Corp has published details from the 2008 report,  carried out by retired Supreme Court Judge William Gillard.

It confirms a web of lies and cover ups, questions the validity of the Eagles 2006 Premiership win and exposes an attitude “that if they were winning on the field, the club could cover it all up.”


Meantime, a name that features prominently in the report, Ben Cousins is back behind bars in WA, his lawyer says he just wants to get into rehab and get the help he needs.

Tony Bartlett joined Hot Tomato as News Director in January, 2016. He has held the role of News Director with some of Australia’s leading broadcasters and was AAP’s Broadcast Editor based in Sydney and AAP’s Brisbane Chief of Staff. Prior to AAP he spent many years as a News Director on the Gold Coast and was previously News Director of 2CA/FM 104.7 Canberra and 2MMM Sydney and he’s also worked for 4SB, 4MB, 7BU, 7LA, 2WL, 2SM, 4IP, and 3XY.

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