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33yo learner driver and her 40yo ‘supervisor’ both drunk, police say

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33yo learner driver and her 40yo ‘supervisor’ both drunk, police say

A 33-year-old woman on her Ls has allegedly been caught by police driving drunk while under the supervision of a even drunker 40-year-old man in the passenger seat.

Police say they first knew something was wrong when they noticed a silver Audi driving erratically along Guildford Road at Guildford, in Sydney’s south-west at around 6.40pm on Saturday night.

Officers followed the Audi along Excelsior Street where they attempted to stop it Audi, but the driver ignored police and kept driving.


The Audi eventually came to a stop further down the road where, after producing a learner’s license, police breath tested both the 33-year-old female driver and 40-year-old supervising passenger.

Both the driver and passenger allegedly returned a positive result.

Asa result, they were both arrested and taken to Granville Police Station where the woman allegedly returned a an official reading of 0.168, while the man returned a reading near five times the legal limit – 0.227.

Both licenses were suspended on the spot and they were each issued with a Field Court Attendance Notice for high range PCA and are due to appear at Parramatta Local Court on Tuesday 8 March.

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