Mystery NSW winner takes out $80M powerball

A New South Welshman has woken a new multi-millionaire, after taking out the entire Powerball jackpot last night.

The $80 million win is the third biggest win in Australian history.

The mystery New South Wales player held the only entry with all seven winning numbers, and the all-important Powerball number needed to win division one.


However, officials don’t have the contact details for the online player and have not been able to contact them!

The Lott spokesperson Lauren Cooney says one person’s life had just changed in a big way but they might not yet have realised it.

“Imagine going to bed tonight not knowing you’ve just won $80 million? That’s the reality for one New South Wales player after scoring division one in tonight’s Powerball draw!” she exclaimed.

“While the New South Wales entry was purchased online, unfortunately we don’t have their complete contact details so we are unable to make a mind-blowing phone call to them this evening.

“That is why we are encouraging everyone in New South Wales to check their entries because they may be the multi-millionaire we are searching for!

“While we are unable to confirm the win with tonight’s winner, we can guarantee that when they discover the news, their life is set to change and they will truly be able to play by their own rules!”

It’s estimated up to one-in-three adult Australians had an entry into tonight’s draw.

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