New footage, emotional pleas for information about double murder in Tallebudgera

Police have released new CCTV footage, and families have begged for people to come forward, in the hopes of finding new information about the shooting deaths of two men in Tallebudgera last year.

47-year-old Cameron Martin was found dead in his white 2015 Mercedes Benz C200 which had crashed into a tree along Tallebudgera Creek Road at 9.30pm on Friday October 18, though police later found that he’d suffered a puncture wound to the chest shortly before the crash.

While 36-year-old Shane Ross was then found dead two days later in bushland, on the corner of the Pacific Highway and Tallebudgera Creek Road.


This morning, police have released CCTV of a white SUV that they’re hoping to identify as part of their investigation.

It’s seen heading inbound to Burleigh before performing a u-turn on Tallebudgera Creek Road near Martin Shields Park around 8.18pm on Friday October 18.

The CCTV footage is attached below.

Meantime, the wife of Shane Ross, Alex Ross, has addressed the media today for the first time, desperately hoping the community can bring closure for her and her daughters.

“I felt compelled to come here and speak today, to ask that Shane be remembered and portrayed as who he was – a loving father and husband above all else.

“I ask that you look beyond the tattoos, many of which were in honour of my daughters and I, including the ‘A’ inscribed on his face.

“Stop feeding into rumours and innuendo, and understand that a young father has had his life cut short in the most despicable way – there is no justification for that.

“Shane was not an arrogant or aggressive man, and a choice from his very distant past did not define him as a human being, despite what has circulated in the media.

“Shane was a gentle man, he was kind, caring, incredibly funny, and he loved our children beyond words. We were his everything – and alike, he was ours.

“No amount of benevolence or pleading will bring him back, and the shock and trauma of his absence will follow my daughters and I everyday for the rest of our lives.

“He was a man who fought hard to better himself in every way possible and had reached that point in his life, where he was the best version of himself. He was so undeserving of this.

“It’s hard to fathom how anybody could justify taking his life in such a horrific way, and give no thought to the devastating impact that his will continue to have on our family.

“He’s been robbed of the opportunity to watch our daughters grow.

“They no longer have the privilege of having their dad tucking them in of a night and wishing them sweet dreams, they can’t tell him about their day at school, and they don’t have him to guide them through life anymore –  they desperately miss that.

“Our three-year-old daughter wants to know if our daddy is coming back, she wants to know when he’s coming home, why did he leave and will he stay dead forever mummy?

“Those are the questions that I suffer through daily, those are the questions that reflect the pain and suffering that has been inflicted on innocent children as a result of my husbands senseless murder.

“They want to know why someone has taken their daddy away from them, and at the very least – they deserve those answers,” Mrs Ross said.

Ted Martin, Cameron Martin’s father, also spoke to the media, calling on anyone with information to come forward.

“Our family miss Cameron desperately – and I really can’t describe it.

“But we will remember him for the man that he was, regardless of what you people may imply or have implied in the past, and I hope you’ve learnt some lessons from that and it doesn’t happen again.

“Right now we seek some closure on this absolutely senseless act of murder, and pray that one day Cameron might rest in peace with his friend Shane Ross.

“I’m speaking to you all and hoping that someone out there might be able to supply information about this horrific event, perhaps remember something they saw, heard or told, however small – please – out there, just report it to somebody.

“Someone in the community must know, or have information about why these boys were murdered, and the person or persons who were involved.

“If you have any knowledge or information, about the circumstance surrounding this absolutely horrific act of bastardy, help bring the perpetrators to justice.

“Can you please, please, contact Crime Stoppers or the local Gold Coast CIB,” Mr Martin said.

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