Newborn baby abandoned on doorstep of NSW home

A newborn baby has been left abandoned on the doorstep of a New South Wales home overnight.

Police say residents of a home in Griffith opened their front door after hearing the doorbell ring around 11.40pm on Sunday night.

When they looked outside, they found a newborn baby boy wrapped in a pink cloth bassinet at the door.


Emergency services were called and the baby was taken to Griffith Base Hospital for medical assessment.

It is believed the baby boy, who is of Caucasian appearance, was possibly born about 10am on Friday 19 February 2016, and his mother is believed to be aged in her teens.

The baby has no injuries and is believed to be healthy.

Police hold concerns for the health and welfare of the mother of the child and are appealing for her to come forward to receive medical care.

Anyone with information is urged to come forward and contact Griffith Police via Crime Stoppers.

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