Nine slammed for snubbing Titans in new NRL Promo

The Rugby League season hasn’t even started, but the controversy has already begun.

NRL on NINE took to social media this morning to unveil their new 2020 promo video, which features the return of Tina Turner as the face and voice of the game.

Whilst the ad is extremely catchy and well put together, it didn’t take long before people began to notice something was missing.


The footage, which is promoting the upcoming season, features a montage of every club in the NRL – except the Gold Coast Titans and New Zealand Warriors.

Whilst some would understand why the Warriors would be left out, considering the Nine Network doesn’t air the Rugby League in New Zealand, mystery surrounds why the Gold Coast club fails to get a feature in the clip.

“Geez don’t think titans look good in this promo. Dead set the only team that doesn’t feature. Poor form” one person commented on the video.

“Hey Nine. Why not one single shot of anything to do with the @GCTitans??” wrote another.

“Disgusting how some teams got forgotten!!!” another comment reads.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Nine told myGC “The new ‘Simply The Best’ campaign celebrates some of the most memorable moments from the past 30 years of the NRL since the original iconic campaign.

“While it can be difficult to squeeze so much history into a short promo, there will be another version seen in the coming days which will feature all 16 NRL clubs, including the Gold Coast Titans.”

myGC has contacted the Titans for comment.


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