NSW law prevented royals from ultimate Aussie photo

THE VISION and photographs of Prince Harry and his pregnant wife, Meghan, meeting their namesake koala joeys at a Sydney Zoo today have already gone viral round the world.

But, some eagle-eyed observers may have noticed that while the royal couple patted and scratched the cuddly creatures, named after them as a wedding gift earlier this year, they didn’t actually get a cuddle.

This is because it is actually illegal in NSW for people other than approved animal carers to handle a koala.


It’s why most NSW zoos and wildlife parks simply offer a chance to get a ‘photo’ with a koala, where they stay in their tree and you stand alongside them.

Come to Queensland though, and you can get the happy snap with our Aussie icon.

Maybe that’s what the expectant parents will do when they visit Fraser Island in a few days…

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