OMG… There’s rumours this iconic choccie block could be making a comeback!

Do you remember Marble Chocolate? The deliciously sweet blend of white and milk chocolate filled with a mouthwatering hazelnut praline centre?

Well, in news that will be sure to make your day, week, month, year – it appears the chocolate gods have answered our prayers, with rumours Cadbury’s Marble chocolate could soon be making a comeback *deep breaths*

The last time we were blessed with this beautiful creation in our lives was eight years ago now, before it was discontinued in 2012 much to the disappointment of thousands of fans across the country.


But according to the Facebook page Bring Back Cadbury Marble, Cadbury is set to be relaunching the heavenly choccie block sometime this year.

“Marble is coming back this year! Don’t have exact dates yet. Should soon. We brought it back! Vive La Marble!!!” they wrote alongside a photo of the popular chocolate block.

It’s sparked huge conversation online, with hundreds of people expressing their excitement.

“Please don’t be joking. I’m so excited. I love marble so much!!,” one person commented on the Facebook post.

“This is better than the days I birthed my children!” wrote another.

While there has been no official confirmation from the big dogs at Cadbury, all we can do is cross all of our fingers and toes.

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