Over one million coronavirus cases diagnosed around the world

There have now been over a million cases of COVID-19 diagnosed around the world, with the death toll continuing to climb.

More than 51,000 people have lost their lives, and approximately 208,000 have recovered according to the latest data from John Hopkins University.

It’s understood there are around 750,000 active cases.


The death toll continues to climb in both Italy and Spain, with the number of cases diagnosed in the United States still booming.

Spain has recorded 950 deaths in just one night, bringing their national death toll above 10,000.

Though the largest number of deaths is still in Italy, which is nearing the 14,000 mark.

The United States has recorded more than 5,600 deaths, with some 230,000 cases now diagnosed.

For Australia, the cases are still relatively low at around 5,100 cases as of this morning.

Our national death toll is at 25.

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