People Are Comforting This Girl Named Beyoncé in the Most Hilarious Way

This is one girl who doesn’t think she can run the world — but totally should! When the popular website Humans of New York posted an image of a young girl named Beyoncé on April 4, the Internet blew up in a hilarious and unexpected way. The young girl talked to Brandon Stanton, the man behind the lens, about the severe anxiety she faces about sharing her name with one of the biggest stars on the planet:

“Sometimes I hate my name because it always draws attention to me, and I’m not a very social person. My family moved this year from Pennsylvania. I was so scared the first day of school that someone would notice me. I wouldn’t even adjust my seat because I thought it would make a noise. One time I really had to cough, but I held it in. When the teacher started calling attendance, I got really nervous, because every time people learn my name is Beyoncé, somebody starts singing ‘Single Ladies.’ And some did, of course. But the second day of school wasn’t too bad. Because everyone knew my name.”

After the post went up on the site’s Facebook page, people in similar situations couldn’t help but reach out. The comments section is flooded with stories from people with famous names, including Facebook users named Kelly Rowland, Kaity Perry, Tina Turner, Jennifer Lopez, Serena Williams, and Julia Roberts. A Victoria Elizabeth Beckham commented, “Just posh here,” while a Katherine Holmes wrote, ”


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