Police get even tougher at Queensland border crossings

Strict new measures are being introduced to stop Queenslanders visiting parts of New South Wales over the Easter long weekend.

Queenslanders crossing the border back into Queensland will also now need a permit from midnight Friday.

Anyone who is returning from the Greater Sydney area will also be required to quarantine for 14 days.


There will be no changes to the arrangements for the movement of freight.

The tough border control measures come as the number of new cases of coronavirus in Queensland continues to stabilise.

There has been just 10 new confirmed cases overnight, despite an increase in testing, taking the State’s total to 953.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says Queenslanders should be staying in Queensland.

“This is no time to be travelling past the border and there’s real risks that you pose, not only to yourself and your family, but to other Queenslanders if you choose to go into some New South Wales hotspots,” The Premier said.

“It’s a pretty strong measure but my message to Queenslanders is now is not the time to go into New South Wales.”

The Premier has also warned they’re not ruling out even further measures down the track to make it even harder to get into Queensland.

PHOTO | myGC/Reg Prasad

Police have intercepted 34,885 vehicles at the border since tougher measures were introduced last Friday.

Of those, 762 have been turned around while 426 people have been ordered to quarantine.

Police Minister Mark Ryan says people should not be travelling anywhere if they don’t need to.

“If you’re coming back into Queensland, even if you are a Queenslander, you are not immune to strict border controls because no one has an immunity to COVID-19,” Mr Ryan said.

“This is about making sure we’re all keeping safe and we’re all staying within our State and staying at home unless you need to go out for essential purposes.”

State Disaster Coordinator Steve Gollschewksi says the  rules are pretty simple.

“If people have got an essential reason to travel, they still can” Deputy Commissioner Gollschewksi said.

“What people need to understand though, if they’re a Queenslander travelling for essential purposes and are going into New South Wales, coming back into Queensland they will still need to get a border pass.

“People can really expect that our Police are going to be out there checking how people are complying with it, so we’ll be watching really closely about what the behaviour of our community is.”

Police on the Gold Coast are also expected to conduct random checks of people along the M1 over the weekend to ensure people aren’t undertaking unnecessary travel.

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Edward Mott
Edward Mott

Cab i go back to nsw fir work

Edward Mott
Edward Mott

Can i go back to nsw for work i have a letter from my emlpoyer in nsw


Well, lve been travelling to my NSW job almost daily since the restrictions came in : with my pass on my windscreen, my name badge for work, my license to further prove that the name badge is mine and that l live in Qld, and then a Union card to prove my employment a bit further.
I really can’t think of anything more l can do!
I’m yet to be stopped but figure it’s a matter of time.
As ScoMo says, all jobs are essential.


They just said on Saturday morning’s news that the green pass is no longer enough…l did find an updated one last night online that had more questions but l was doing it on my iPad and wouldn’t have been able to print so l didn’t continue. Not sure what colour it was but there’s clearly a different one. Last night’s website said it had been updated yesterday. Get yourself an updated pass (dated April 10). They did say on one news that if you didn’t have it you’d be turned around to get yourself one (lm guessing that l’d be… Read more »

Joan Adams
Joan Adams

Where do i get the new permits nsw to qld