Police officer mowed down by stolen car returns to work

A QUEENSLAND police officer who was mowed down and dragged along a road by a stolen car in Brisbane last year has returned to work for the first time.

Senior Constable Aaron Izzard spent 10 days in an induced coma and several weeks fighting for his life in hospital after he was run down in Chermside while on duty in September.

The Public Safety Order Response Team officer was dragged a significant distance before falling heavily onto the road, leaving him with life-threatening head injuries.


Due to the extent of his injuries, which included a broken eye socket, fractured skull, and loss of sense of smell and taste, Aaron is limited in some physical aspects and is now unable to drive a car.

Senior Constable Izzard has spent the past three months overcoming many challenges adjusting to life post accident and recently returned to work in a reduced capacity.

“I couldn’t be more humbled by the support received by those in the job,” Senior Constable Izzard said.

“The cards and visits certainly assisted and gave me energy to keep fighting.

“My focus since the injury has been to recover and return to work to show those around me who were significantly impacted by the incident that I’m okay.

“Although it’s an extremely long road to recovery the support I’ve received has given me the energy to push forward and continue to complete goals.”

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