Police to crack down on Gold Coast travel and speeding this Easter

Police are beefing up their patrols of the M1 this weekend, to ensure that out-of-towners don’t flock to the Gold Coast.

Officers will have a particular focus on the southbound lanes, and will be intercepting vehicles. Those found to be breaking the health directives around non-essential travel could cop a $1,300 on the spot fine.

Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll says families should not be leaving their suburbs this long weekend.


“We will definitely be doing our business as usual, and always policing our roads during this period.

“But making sure that people do comply with what the restrictions are.

“We do not want you – and the Mayor Tate has been really clear about this – travelling to the Gold Coast to walk the beach when you could be going to the local park to do that.

“And that’s what we expect you to do, to stay in your village and to go and exercise in those areas,” Commissioner Carroll said.

Police have also noticed an increasing trend of speeding on the roads as well, which they will also be keeping a close eye on this weekend.

“It’s certainly a concerning trend, as a result, going into this break, there will be more police on the road.

“But as you’ve heard, and as I also advocate, that you should be staying home unless it is essential,” Commissioner Carroll said.

Assistant Commissioner Michael Keating says police are seeing very dangerous behaviour with the red light speed cameras as well.

“Where normally we would see around 2.1 percent of the detection in that threshold between 21-30 kilometres over the limit, in the last week we’ve seen 15.5 percent of those detected for exceeding the threshold, doing that at a red light speed camera.

“Remembering that they’re at controlled intersections. Very, very dangerous locations.

“So our message is pretty clear, don’t be fooled by the fact that Easter means there’s no road safety.

“Our road safety program continues, you can expect to see high visibility policing around the roads of Queensland throughout the upcoming period.

“I’ve actually approved some activities in the last 24 hours to take place.

“But the message is clear, no matter what the COVID-19 situation is, and the road flow situation is, your requirement is to stick to the prescribed limit.

“That’s for your safety, and the safety of everyone else on the roads,” Asst Commissioner Keating said.

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