Popular baby dummy recalled

A popular range of baby dummies called 3 Little Birds BIBS have been recalled.

The dummies, which come in a variety of different colours, have been available for sale at a number of retailers across the country between May 1 and December 22, 2018.

According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the supplied label on the BIBS dummies does not comply with the mandatory safety standards.


“The label is missing some of the required safety information. No warning and directions provided to customers,” the ACCC said.

PHOTO: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

“The dummy should be inspected for damage and weakness as the teat or small pieces from the dummy may break off and become lodged in a child’s throat.

“The whole dummy could also become stuck in a child’s mouth and block their air supply posing a choking risk. Attaching a dummy to your child’s clothing with a ribbon or cord presents a strangulation risk if the tie wraps around the child’s neck.”

Consumers are being urged to immediately contact the supplier for a copy of the correct information at CS@3littlebirds.me.

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