Qld man tested for deadly ‘coronavirus’ after returning from China

A Brisbane man is in isolation, with fears he may have contracted the deadly coranavirus that has so far killed four people.

The man is understood to have presented flu-like symptoms after returning to Australia from a trip to Wuhan in central China, where the virus is believed to have originated.

He is currently being quarantined at home whilst he undergoes further tests for the virus by health officials.


“Queensland Health is testing a man who returned from Central China with a respiratory illness,” a Queensland Health spokesperson told myGC.

“Because the man travelled to Wuhan, Coronavirus is one of the conditions he is being tested for.

“The man will remain in isolation until his symptoms have resolved.”

The coronavirus is believed to have started in animals before spreading to humans, with a number of early cases reportedly linked to a fish market in Wuhan.

At the moment, there’s more than 220 confirmed cases that have been reported, with all of them involving adults.

Symptoms of the virus include high fever, a cough, breathlessness and a sore throat – however we’re being warned the infection can also cause pneumonia.

In a bid to stop the virus from spreading to our shores, Australian Border Force Officers are screening anyone who returns on a direct flight from Wuhan.

There’s currently three flights a week that fly directly into Sydney Airport from Wuhan, with all passengers on the flights to be screened.

Queensland Health say’s they’re closely monitoring the situation.

“We’re monitoring the coronavirus outbreak in China and The Commonwealth is working with States and Territories to develop Australia’s response,” the spokesperson said.

“We urge anyone who has developed any respiratory symptoms within 14 days of travel to Wuhan to see their GP immediately.”

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